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5 Reasons to watch 'Afsar'

5 Reasons to watch ‘Afsar’

5 Reasons to watch ‘Afsar’: Punjabi Mania presents before you five reasons for you to watch recently released Punjabi movie ‘Afsar’.

Since its release in cinema halls on October 5, the movie ‘Afsar’ is doing the rounds in the Punjabi film industry. Apart from being applauded in just Punjab, the movie has also gained appreciation around the globe. As a result, the movie has clicked commercially as well. For all of you who haven’t watched the movie as yet, below are five reasons why you should watch it as soon as possible:

1. Leading Pair – In Tarsem Jassar and Nimrat Khaira, the movie comprises of a novel leading pair. In the movie, the duo has complemented each other to the extent that it becomes a highlight of the movie. Much has also to do with how their characters have been written by Jas Grewal, something which has been executed well by director Gulshan Singh.

2. Concept – Much like the leading pair, the overall concept of the movie is also out of the ordinary. In the second-tier cities of Punjab and (chiefly) villages, people are well-versed with the importance of a Patwaari and a Kanugo. To bring the tussle between them on the big screen is a thought which hadn’t come in anyone’s mind prior to this movie.

3. Music – For a movie which incorporates music as it’s linchpin in the sense that you will have no option than to come out of the cinemas humming a song or two, one can understand the quality of the songs. In lyricist and singer Arjan Dhillon, the movie has unearthed a special talent for the Punjabi entertainment industry.

4. Production Houses – The movie has been produced by Amiek Virk and Manpreet Johal under the banners of Nadar Films and Vehli Janta Films. These production houses have given us block-buster movies like Bambukat‘, ‘Rabb Da Radio‘, Vekh Baraatan Challiyan‘ and others in the past. In Afsar, the makers have another potential project which, over the course of its journey in the cinema halls, might stand as tall as their previous projects.

5. Audience Review – The last reason to watch Afsar isn’t related to our perception about the movie but has majorly to do with how the audiences have felt about the it. If you are a fans of either of Jassar or Khaira, you might have got a hint about the same on their respective social media handles. In something which lone words won’t be able to describe, watch the video below to watch the audience review of the movie:

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