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A&A Advisors – Talk Of The Town In Punjabi Film Industry

We all know that A & A Advisors is a company that gave us two Punjabi blockbusters last year one after another, “Carry On Jatta 2” and “Vadhayiaan Ji Vadhayiaan” which both became the biggest hits of the year and did a business of eighty crores combined, a proud moment for the Punjabi Film Industry!! Intact both the films remained in theatres for such a long time, and kept audiences entertained for several weeks in India and abroad!! Carry on Jatta 2 became the biggest of all time in Punjabi cinema and shattered every single record set by previous films!! And that is the biggest reward and award for any production house when it becomes the most watched film with the widest possible audience worldwide!

Atul Bhalla and Amit Bhalla are the names behind A & A Advisors who have a strong passion for cinema and a very sharp vision in the type of films they want to make and produce and that has yeilded them great Awards and rewards from the audiences and industry alike in’s such a short span of time!! Now A&A is with their next lot of films, their next film “Band Vaaje” starring Binnu Dhillon and Mandy Takhar, directed by Smeep Kang is releasing on 15th of March, 2019! This is their third film with director Smeep Kang and they are sure to tickle your funny bone again as team like their previous two collaborations. After this their next film is “Shadaa” starring the superstar jodi of Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa, releasing on 21st of June, 2019! Just like last year we are confident that both their films this year will also set other landmark milestones!!

On asking about their experience, Atul Bhalla, said, “We entered the Industry with a thought of giving the audience something that they can cherish in every minute of the film and they should feel that the money spent on A & A Advisors’s film is worth spending, that is our motto!” They have had a great experience working with all the best collaborators of the industry like White Hill, Omjee, Brat Films, Shah&Shah pictures, the top filmmaker’s like Smeep kang, Jagdeep Sidhu, Anurag Singh and the best talent in the business like Gippy Grewal, Diljit Dosanjh, Binnu Dhillon, Neeru Bajwa & Mandy Thakar! Adds Atul “We are sure that our thought process will always be executed as per the requirements of the audience and we will always continue to deliver entertainment worth the audiences money These days there is so much stress and pressure in life and people want to enjoy and relax, our motive is to give people a good happy family time”.

We would not be wrong in saying this that in short span of time, less than one year A & A Advisors has become one of the most reputated and talked about Production Houses of the Industry and will continue creating many more benchmark and milestones in the industry with its first and second release is now an established brand of the Punjabi Film Industry which will have always give Entertainment, with good stories, humor, comedy for all audiences worldwide!!

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