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Complete List of Punjabi Movies in 2018

About Us


Who we are? And What We Do? is a website about Punjabi Cinema. We at Punjabi Mania cover all Punjabi Movies and news related to them.

When did we start?

The website was launched on June 30, 2012. And covers every movie released after this date.

The Team is an effort of two young Punjabi enthusiasts.

Both of them are of same age and are college students currently.

Wish to join this team?

Do you wish to join Team Punjabi Mania? We welcome all Punjabi Enthusiasts who wish to write about Punjabi Movies. But please note that the website is not this financially strong that it can pay for your writings. At this moment, we can just give you the credit of your work. If you wish to volunteer, please write to us at with your details and your interests in writing.

Are we Unique?

Yes, we are. We are the only Website of Punjabi Cinema which offers Punjabi Movie Reviews not only in text but in Video format as well.



  1. U give biased reviews only

  2. Seems as if u r working for gippy

  3. Giving so good to tu mera 22 main tera 22 and stupid 7 huge flops show ur credibility


    good job

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