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Afsar's Songs

Afsar’s Songs: Music has popped up as the linchpin of the movie

Afsar’s Songs: Punjabi Mania presents before you the music review of all five songs of upcoming movie ‘Afsar’.

With the countdown for the release of Gulshan Singh’s ‘Afsar’ nearing its end, one part of the movie which has hitherto made significant headlines is its music. Five songs have been released so far, each one of them having its own out-shot.

Music is one such entity of film-making which yields you the desired results even before the release of the movie. Apart from being worthy of attention among the audiences, sound quality of music can also turn the fortune of a movie. In Afsar’s case, its quintet of songs are banging the drums for the movie in the best possible manner.

Below is a brief introduction about each song of the movie:

1. Sun Sohniye – In which was the first song of the movie, it was a prototypical romantic number based on the lead actors of the movie in Tarsem Jassar and Nimrat Khaira. The duet song is sung by Ranjit Bawa and Khaira herself. Jaidev Kumar has worked on the music of the song which is written by Arjan Dhillon. For starters, Jassar and Khaira’s refined chemistry with Kumar’s music in the background weaves nothing but utter charm. Watch the video:


2. Kanugo – Kudos to lyricist Gurbinder Mann for writing such a song for it sums up the Patwaari vs Kanugo battle in the best possible manner. Add Karamjit Anmol’s voice and Preet Hundal’s music to Mann’s words and you get the most apt song for a movie titled Afsar. A special mention needs to made of Hundal, whose use of tabla in the song is its highlight. Watch the video:


3. Ishq Jeha Ho Gaya – After working wonders in ‘Sun Sohniye’, ‘Ishq Jeha Ho Lagda’ witnesses Arjan Dhillon in the dual role of a lyricist and a singer. In collaboration with Preet Hundal, the duo has managed to deliver a soulful love track. Watch the video:


4. Udhaar Chalda – ‘Udhaar Chalda’ is the third song of the movie which has been penned down by Arjan Dhillon and musically directed by Preet Hundal. The duet song is the first time coming together of Gurnam Bhullar and Nimrat Khaira. The music video features Bhullar and Himanshi Khurana. All in all, the scheme of picturising the video on a Khulla Akhada model has continuing to be a source of amazement since its release on Friday. The song is currently trending at #2 on YouTube. Watch the video:


5. Kheen Khaab – In a song which had released yesterday, it is the first song sung by the lead actor in Tarsem Jassar. Also written by him, the song is musically directed by R Guru, someone who had worked in as many as five (out of nine) songs in Jassar’s latest album named Turbanator‘. Both Jassar and Khaira are seen dancing on the beat number. Whether it is just a promotional track or will actually be played in the movie, only time will tell. Watch the video:

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