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Album Review | ‘Ik Tare Wala’ | Ranjit Bawa

Singer-turned-actor Ranjit Bawa has come up with his upcoming music album named ‘Ik Tare Wala’. The title song, also the second song of the album, was released more than two months ago. Released on Bawa’s 29th birthday, the song went on to receive prodigious approbation from the listeners across the world.

The other songs of the album were released earlier this week on the official YouTube channel of T-Series Apna Punjab in the form of both a full album jukebox and individual audio songs. Before moving on to writing about each song, expressing unhypocritical admiration for Ranjit Bawa is a must for releasing a 12-song album in the times of single tracks is undoubtedly a gallant move.

Since his debut in the Punjabi music industry, Ranjit Bawa has earned the honour of being an unparalleled folk singer. Not that he hasn’t sung songs of other genre, he has and has done them with absolute success, but folk is something that perhaps comes natural to him. For some reason or the other, our Punjabi folk is what he sings the best and he should continue to pursue it in the times to come. The honour which has been bestowed upon him is also because of the fact that not many singers have it in them to sing folk songs.

In Ik Tare Wala, he has stood tall on his reputation of delivering meaningful folk songs. In addition to that, what has made this album a must listen to is the melange of varied genres of songs, lyricists and music directors, something which makes it an all-embracing music album. To pull out a successful album with 15 members in it is in itself an achievement.

Apart from pondering about the kind of songs in the album, a serious thought has also been given to the sequence of the songs. The 12 songs of the album have been sequenced in a way that the listeners would never feel full of regard for one particular genre. Instead, they will get to witness folk and beat songs on an alternative basis.

Here is a brief description about all the audio songs of the album:

1. Photoan – Written by Lovely Noor and musically directed by Beat Minister, the song beautifully describes the feelings of a girl about her partner as the pair is about to get married.

2. Chhaavan – Written by Dharamvir Thandi and musically directed by Jassi X, the song quintessentially takes you into the heart of an individual who is feeling homesick. It also tells about the hardships which one has to face after leaving his/her native place and settling in a foreign country.

3. Jean 2 – It is clear from the name that the song is a sequel to Bawa’s super-hit song ‘Jean’. Written by Lovely Noor and musically directed by Beat Minister, just as in Jean, Jean 2 is a beat song which will force you hit the dance floor.

4. Sassi – Written by Traditional and musically directed by Jassi X, the uber-touching song tells you the story of a girl who was thrown into the river by her emperor father on the suggestion of an astrologer when she was an infant. What strikes deeply is when after several years the girl comes back to the palace and her father proposes marriage to her. The girl’s thoughts at that point in time have been expressed through the medium of this song.

5. Pagg Da Brand – Written by Pargat Kotguru and musically directed by Jassi X, it is another of those dance numbers which will not let you ignore the dance floor. As the name suggests, it narrates the situation when a girl asks about the brand of a boy’s turban.

6. Khand Da Khidaona – Written and musically directed by Beat Minister, ‘Khand Da Khidaona’ is a moving song which recites the sentiments of a lady in the remembrance of her husband.

7. Nanke Dadke – Written by Arjan Virk and musically directed by Jassi X, ‘Nanke Dadke’ is another rhythmical song in the album.

8. Bachpan – Written by Surkhab and musically directed by Desi Routz, ‘Bachpan’ is a song which is likely to connect with the maximum number of people because of its concept. Mostly all individuals have a yearning for their childhood and this is what the song aptly covers. What is likely to entice the audiences is the remembrance of many fond memories of their childhood.

9. Simple Suit – Written by Maninder Kailey and musically directed by Beat Minister, the song emphasises on the repartee between a husband and wife in a manner that will be liked by the audiences.

10. Sanjha Punjab – Written by Inder Dhammu and musically directed by Nick Dhammu, ‘Sanjha Punjab’ is a song on the erstwhile Punjab, which stood united on many fronts. The singer conveys the message that he still sees the Western and Eastern Punjab as one.

11. Truckan Wale – Written by Lovely Noor and musically directed by Nick Dhammu, ‘Truckan Wale’ was the first song of this album. It was released in August last year. As the name suggests, it describes the life of truck drivers and also tells in a comic way that driving a truck is difficult than driving an aeroplane.

12. Ik Tare Wala – Written by Charan Likhari and musically directed by Milind Gaba, the title song of the album became an instant hit on its release. Another folk song of the album, the song is a testimony as to why Ranjit Bawa is an unmatched entity amongst his generation of singers when it comes to singing folk songs.

Listen to the full album jukebox of Ik Tare Wala:

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