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All-round music giving the right voice to ‘Mr. & Mrs. 420 Returns’

A week before its release, Ksshitij Chaudhary’s ‘Mr. & Mrs. 420 Returns’ is being tuned on the right voice due to its all-round music. Scheduled for an Independence Day release, the movie will face additional competition at the box-office for producers across the nation tend to release their movies on such weekends.

The correct sort of build-up is necessary in such a situation and it is exactly what Mr. & Mrs. 420 Returns has been able to achieve post the release of its trailer. The trailer was released more than a fortnight ago on the official YouTube channel of Lokdhun Punjabi. At the time of writing this article, it has received over 6.5 million views on the same platform, which is also significant of the fact that the content related to the movie is being well-received by the audiences.

A sequel of the 2014-release ‘Mr. & Mrs. 420 (also directed by Ksshitij Chaudhary), Mr. & Mrs. 420 Returns will also have to stand tall on the added pressure of being a sequel to a highly acclaimed movie. One comic sequel in Carry On Jatta 2‘ has enthralled the audiences a couple of months ago in the Punjabi film industry. Not comparing both the franchises by any means, but the makers of the latter would be hoping for similar success both commercially and critically.

Citing the audiences’ response on the music of the movie, the desires of the makers might well come true for they have been successful in creating the required ballyhoo. Right from the laugh-generating punches in the trailer to the songs (three of them, as of now) of the movie, audiences are likely to hit the cinemas on this Independence Day.

The first two songs of the movie were romantic numbers, portraying the two romantic couples in the movie. The first one named ‘Chann Wargi’ is sung in the soulful voice of Ranjit Bawa. Penned down by Khushi and under the music direction of Jay K, the song beautifully captures the chemistry of a fresh pair in Bawa and Payal Rajput. Watch the video:


‘Tu Te Main’, the second song of the movie, was released less than a week ago. With romance at the helm, it covers the lovey-dovey journey of Jassie Gill and Avantika Hundal in the movie. The last sequence in the music video is really adorable. Sung by Gill himself, the song has been written by Happy Raikoti and has been musically directed by Jay K. Watch the video:


‘Att Chukni’, the latest song of the movie, was released on the day before yesterday. Att Chukni is a dance number which is again sung by Bawa and musically directed by Jay K. Kabal Saroopwali, who has earlier written several songs for Bawa, has written this one as well. Watch the video:


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