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All that you need to know about ‘Khido Khundi’

Rohit Jugraj’s ‘Khido Khundi’ will mark a new crack of dawn in the Punjabi film industry for it will be the first Punjabi movie based on the sport of Hockey. Starring Ranjit Bawa, Manav Vij, Mandy Takhar, Guggu Gill and Elnaaz Norouzi, the movie is likely to be considered as a watershed development in our industry in the times to come.

The title of the movie might sound peculiar to some people, but Khido Khundi is what our ancestors used to call this sport in the local language. Khido means the ball and Khundi is the hockey stick. Perhaps, the most central source of inspiration from which this movie is derived is the historical village of Sansarpur in Punjab. The village has produced 14 Olympians who went on to represent three different nations (India 9, Kenya 4, Canada 1). During the 1968 Olympics in Mexico, seven players from the village represented two countries (India 5, Kenya 2) in the event.

For a single village to produce the above numbers was an unprecedented event both for India and the world. The thought of so many players coming out of one village was beyond anyone’s imagination. As a result of which, village Sansarpur was known as the Mecca of Indian Hockey. The calibre of the feat can be traced from the fact that nothing of this sort happened before or after this period.

However, the condition of the sport in our country has deteriorated to the extent that we haven’t won an Olympic medal in the last 38 years. No player from Sansarpur has went on to represent the nation in the past decades. Having said all this, it becomes all the more important to watch the movie on April 20 because only then will one get to know the connect which has been made between the village and the current time.

Since, it is not a biopic, it would be enthralling to come across the story which Rohit Jugraj has written to bring the game back to Sansarpur. Moreover, a movie such as this has it in it to bring a constructive change in the minds of our youth which might inspire them to follow the game with the same fervour that was present in our forebears.

The trailer has witnessed a breathtaking performance from Manav Vij. For someone who has taken so many people aback in the trailer itself, imagine about his character in the movie. Another reason which in integration with Vij’s character spurs us to watch the movie is Sukhwinder Singh’s ‘Watna Ve’. The venerable singer has once again created magic with his voice in the song which gives us a major reason to compare it to the title song of Shimit Amin’s ‘Chak De! India’ (also sung by Sukhwinder Singh). Listen to the song below:

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