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Aman Singh Deep gears up for a triumphant debut

Aman Singh Deep gears up for a triumphant debut: On the back of winning Mr. Punjab 2015, Aman Singh Deep will make his acting debut in ‘Ishqaa’.

In which is as scarce as hen’s teeth, upcoming movie ‘Ishqaa’ will be one of the two movies releasing in the first week of 2019. Slated to release on January 4, the promotions of the movie is ongoing in full swing. Ishqaa will mark the acting debut of Aman Singh Deep in the film industry. Having won the reality show named Mr. Punjab 2015, it would be intriguing to see him don the coat of an actor in this movie.

Apparently, producer, director and co-actor Bajwa was the anchor of the reality show which Aman won back in 2015. In an interview with Punjabi Mania, Aman talked about his relationship with Bajwa before and after the movie. While it was restricted to formal greetings initially, Aman claims them to be like family now.

“During the show, we shared a very formal relationship. All of us [contestants] greeted him whenever we met. But, we’ve become like family now,” Aman Singh Deep was quoted as saying.

“I’ve learnt a lot from him [Nav Bajwa]. He has taught me some basic things of being an actor like how to behave and what to say in front of the camera. I’ve improved in several key areas. When you’ll watch the movie, you’ll come to know about it. He is like a mentor to me. It was fun working with him,” he added.

While the word Ishq means love in English, Aman explained the meaning of the title of the movie, i.e., Ishqaa. “See, there is limit and limitless. The difference between Ishq and Ishqa is equal to the difference between limit and limitless,” he said about the title of the movie which signifies the intense love story in stores for each one of us.

It is evident from the trailer of the movie that it is a deluding tale of love. How it immerses the audiences throughout its run-time will be interesting to watch on this Friday. Being asked about signing for a rare genre of romantic thriller first up, Aman said that he gave a lot of thought before agreeing to do this movie.

“[On not starting with a romantic thriller] I had definitely given it a thought. My parents were with me when I had heard the script for the first time. I was receiving suggestions like since comedy movies mostly work on the box-office in Punjab, you should do a comedy movie.

“However, I am personally of the opinion that an actor should work like an actor. If the actor will always follow the trend, then who will act? I thought that if I get the acceptance from the viewers, well and good, if not then I will surely learn something from the whole experience,” he further added.

Watch the full interview below:

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