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Amberdeep Singh’s ‘Car Reebna Wali’ Gets a Release Date

Rhythm Boyz Entertainment have announced their slate of Upcoming Films today and one of them is Amberdeep Singh’s ‘Car Reebna Wali’. By the looks of the Poster, the film looks like it is a Period Film Based around a Wedding. It is however not clear weather to the fact that Amberdeep will Act in it or Direct it or do both.

He is such a multi-talented artist to have in Punjabi Cinema. One thing which is for sure is that the film is written by Amberdeep Singh himself as it was revealed in an earlier poster release a few days back. The best of this film is that the fans will not have to wait for a long time to see this film on screen as this will hit the screens this year itself on December 14 which is just about 105 days away so that is not much of a time.

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