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Ammy Virk and Jagdeep Sidhu’s camaraderie reaping fruits for the industry

Over and over again, we hear anecdotes of cordial relationships being developed in the film industry. That being said, seldom do we here about a certain partnership which has worked well to the extent that it reaps fruits for the whole industry. As far as the Punjabi film industry is concerned, one such rewarding alliance is of singer-turned-actor Ammy Virk and writer Jagdeep Sidhu.

For Ammy and Jagdeep, it all started with the affluent ‘Nikka Zaildar’ seriesA movie which ended up being a signature movie for Ammy Virk was written by Jagdeep Sidhu. The bond strengthened with ‘Nikka Zaildar 2′, sequel of Nikka Zaildar which was released a year later. Delivering back to back hits had meant that the duo had started on a triumphant note.

Harjeeta‘, Ammy Virk’s imminent movie, has also been penned down by Jagdeep Sidhu. Mere words cannot describe the appreciation which the trailer of the movie has received. If things go well, which they are likely to, this will be this pair’s third consecutive well-to-do project, a strike rate not everyone can match in the industry.

What comes as a fascinating facet for Ammy Virk and Jagdeep Sidhu is that there is no stopping to their projects in the times to come. ‘Qismat’, Jagdeep Sidhu’s directorial debut is already on the floors and will hit the big screens on September 21. The movie stars Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta in lead roles. Over a month ago, Ammy Virk took to his Instagram account to announce another movie named ‘Surkhi Bindi’. This movie will also be directed by Jagdeep, and will be this duo’s third movie in less than a year.

Coming back to Harjeeta, in a recent conversation with Punjabi Mania, Jagdeep Sidhu walked us through as to how the movie was planned. He said, “After watching Dangal, Ammy was interested in doing a sports-based movie. Since he is a Sikh, it was important to portray the character of a Sikh athlete. This was the time when photos of Harjeet Singh were going viral on the internet. This is how the thought of making a biopic on him came upon us.”

Omjee Group, a prominent name in the field of distributing movies in the nation, always comes up with groundbreaking techniques to make sure that films are distributed in an apt manner. Their role in the Punjabi industry is all the more important because regional movies need a better distributor in a bid to be played across the nation.

With Harjeeta, their alliance with Punjabi Cinema will increase to the next level as Omjee Group is one of the producers of the movie. Munish Sahni of Omjee Group is producing the movie alongside Nick Bahl, Bhushan K. Chopra and Bhagwant Virk. Full credit to Omjee Group for believing in such a project which can take the Punjabi industry to a level apart.

A plethora of Punjabi audience is watching for May 18, when the movie will be released in cinemas. The way the camaraderie has grown between Ammy Virk and Jagdeep Sidhu, one can only expect a lot more consequential movies from both of them. Wishing them luck for all their upcoming projects!

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