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An aficionado Tarsem Jassar stands tall in ‘Turbanator’

With the release of his second album named ‘Turbanator’, an aficionado Tarsem Jassar has stood tall on all the expectations bestowed upon him. The buzz regarding the release of his album was doing rounds for quite sometime now in the Punjabi music industry. After a slight delay in the final release, the album eventually saw the daylight earlier this week.

With all the nine songs of the album now available across leading online platforms and upon listening each one of them multiple times, one understands as to why Jassar is a top-notch artist in the Punjabi industry. A lyricist-turned-singer-turned-producer-turned-actor-turned-writer, Jassar is perhaps the real interpretation of an artist, someone who will entertain the audiences in any possible manner.

All the songs of Turbanator have been written and composed by Jassar himself. Four different music directors have worked in the whole album. They are – R Guru (5), Tigerstyle (2), Sukh-E Musical Doctorz (1) and Western Penduz (1).

Two-third of Jassar’s songs in the album are of a genre which he is best known for. These are the songs which have been formed on the back of some hard-hitting and blunt lyrics. For all we know, it is this quality of Jassar which entice a plethora of fans towards him for not many lyricists use their pen in a way Jassar does. These are the songs which instil a feeling of amour propre in the hearts of the listeners and also put enough light on the lyricist and his thinking.

The first song of the album to be available the audiences was Countrysiders. The audio of the song was released in the first week of May on the official YouTube channel of Vehli Janta Records. At the time of writing this article, it has received in vicinity of 3.5 million views on the same platform. As the name suggests, the song lays emphasis on the lyricist’s obsession with his village. The music of the songs is given by Western Penduz.

Along with the release of all songs of the album, the first video of the album in Turbanator had also released. At the time of writing this article, it has received in excess of 4.5 million views and is trending at #2 on the same platform. Musically directed by Sukh-E Musical Doctorz, the video is directed by Navjit Buttar. The concept-based video has been shot in a scenic foreign location. The video sees the racist behaviour of a foreigner towards a man with turban and it is this incident which forces his child to register a revenge. In the end, the video pays tribute to all individuals who are still attached to their roots and basics despite racism.

In Stone Jade, Big Shot, Humble and Brola, there are four other songs which are of the same genre but yet differ from one another. Humble, in particular, seems to be a song which might be really close to Jassar for it portrays a lot about himself and what people at times think of him.

Moving on to a different genre, Jassar has included two romantic songs in his album as well. In Ik Do Gazlan and Khadoos, the album incorporates a couple of soft-spoken songs. The former is a song in which the singer remembers someone from the past while the latter is a song form a girl’s perspective. Rangle Chubare is a song which gives novelty factor to this album. Jassar has given a varying point of view about the overall development of Punjab with his words.

If you haven’t watched the video of Turbanator as of now, watch it below and tell us what you think regarding the same in the comments section:

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  1. Not one song was even close to decent in the album. He has gone downhill since his first album. He already couldn’t sing, and now his lyrics are garbage as well.

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