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‘Me & My whole team are exempted from Challans for life’ – Anurag Singh

His first film released in October 2011 and was a runaway HIT. Second was even bigger that the first and third was even more bigger. He is a talented film-maker, and it showed from his very first film. The big names in this industry, all now have him on their Dream list of Directors.

In this exclusive Interview Punjabi Mania speaks to Director Anurag Singh about various phases of his life – Early and Initial Struggle Days, Breakthrough in Punjabi Cinema, And the present phase.

Anurag Singh spoke his heart out in this exclusive interview to Punjabi Mania.

How do you feel after giving 3 Back-to-Back hit films – Yaar Anmulle, J&J and J&J 2?

Well obviously it feels great. When you have struggled so much and worked so hard for something, it feels nice to be appreciated. When you see the audience living and embracing your film whole-heartedly, you feel that all the hard work and sacrifices were worth it. So a heartfelt thanks to all those who watches and liked all the three movies.

What were you like – Emotional or Cheerful when Jatt & Juliet 2 broke all the records of your previous film, Jatt & Juliet?

The first emotion I felt was that of relief. So much was riding on this film, and we had taken a huge risk by investing so much money on the film as it is generally believed that sequels don’t work. So when the reports started coming in, I was relieved. Happiness and celebration came later.

Did you feel this storm coming a day or two just before the release?

Not really as the whole team was so busy trying to ensure that the film is promoted and released properly. So we didn’t really have the time to think of anything else. We were just trying to do our job to the best of our abilities and leave the rest to god and the audience. We knew that the audience wanted to see the film but we didn’t know if they will like the film more than the previous one and we certainly didn’t expect the kind of opening it got.

Anurag Singh and Diljit Dosanjh discuss a scene.
Anurag Singh and Diljit Dosanjh discuss a scene.

Please tell us something about your early struggle days that our readers would like to know.

Well i struggled just like others in the showbiz. We all have to earn our stripes and it was the same for me. My struggle is just like any other person who has no connection or support in the film industry and yet decides to slog it out to succeed. You can say that the story of my struggle is the same as that of many others like Kumaar (the lyricist of the film), or Diljit Bhaaji, or Neeru, or Jatinder Shah (the music director), or Anshul Chobey (the DOP of the film), Ambardeep Singh or Dheeraj Rattan and many others. All of these are people who were outsiders with no connections when they started their struggles but are now well-established names and have earned their place in the industry.

You have presented Punjab Police in this film like never before. Even the policemen are loving the way Diljit and Jaswinder Bhalla have acted. How did it strike you that you have to do something on Punjab Police? You have also got a song on them.

Well the intention was simply to have Diljit Bhaji play the character of a PP constable and to tell a story using that character. We wanted the character to be fun and lovable and we are glad that people are liking it. In fact I got a message from one of the officers in PP telling me how much he had loved the film and he said that me and my whole team has been exempted from challaans by the PP for life!!! I knew he was kidding but I really enjoyed the way he said it.

You have used Jenny Ghottra in all your 3 Punjabi film in some way or the other. Do you feel that she has been a lucky charm for you or is it just a co-incidence?

Now that you have pointed it out, i realized that it is true that Jenny has been a part of all my three films in one capacity or other.  In Yaar Anmulle, I needed a girl who has been brought up in Canada, in Jatt and Juliet I needed a girl with a Canadian accent to dub for the character of Jenny (Neeru’s friend). In Jatt and Juliet 2 we urgently needed a known face to feature in the song and luckily for us Jenny Ghottra happened to be available. It seems to be a co-incidence and I’m thankful to jenny for helping us out in both the films.

Anurag, Diljit, Neeru and team on the sets of J&J 2
Anurag, Diljit, Neeru and team on the sets of J&J 2

Moving Ahead, What do you plan next after Jatt & Juliet 2?

I don’t really know. As of now I’m clueless about what to do next. But my team and me will take a call on that shortly.

I ‘ve learnt that you are doing ‘1984 – Punjab’ with Diljit Dosanjh. Please throw some light on that project like the plot of the film, star cast, producers, etc.

Well the project that you mention is still at a very nascent stage and the details will be announced when and if it is finalized.

Your debut film – Raqeeb received mixed response. Have you got any offers for any Hindi films after Jatt & Juliet 2?

Yes I have a few offers but I have to wait for the respective producers to announce the projects.

Are you directing the Hindi version of Jatt & Juliet, the rights of which are with Himesh Reshammiya?

Yes I’m supposed to do the Hindi remake as and when it happens.

Any chances for Jatt & Juliet 3?

As of now there are no plans for a third part but who knows we might find an appropriate story and do it. It’s in god’s hands I believe.


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