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Audiences’ fixation with ‘Mar Gaye Oye Loko’ increases manifold times

Simerjit Singh’s ‘Mar Gaye Oye Loko’ is a potential name to be included in the category of accomplished Punjabi comedy movies. The movie has so far been successful in building the right amount of craze among the audiences. Still 11 days away from its release, the movie has enough time to gain on this affirmative response in a bid to register a bumper opening.

Talking about promoting the movie, the same has already been started. The movie is produced by Gippy Grewal under his home production banner, Humble Motion Pictures. With him at the helm, the all-out promotions have jocularly become a concern for his co-stars, as was noticeable from a hysterical video which he posted on Instagram recently.

The trailer of the movie has already become a reason behind the unstoppable laughter of several people in both Punjab and overseas. In an interview with Punjabi Mania, Grewal spoke about the overwhelming response which the trailer has received till now. “The trailer is the first introduction of the viewers with the movie. If the audiences appreciate it, the excitement level of the artist increases. Since the film is based on a different concept, I was apprehensive in the beginning. Earlier we used to make stories of living people but this time we have made a story of dead people”, he said in a humorous manner.

Having also written the script of the movie, this will be the third movie for Grewal as a writer. On being asked the thought process behind writing a story mostly based in heaven, he replied, “During our childhood, we all have listened about stories of ghosts and spirits and that after dying one reaches the heaven or hell. But then no one has seen it. All of this is perceived by us.

“In our times, we have also seen movies where people are standing on the clouds and talking about heaven and hell. But even that is unclear. So, you can say that this movie is my version of heaven or what goes once a person reaches there. We wanted to show the parlok of Punjab.”

In an outright fictional movie like this, it becomes difficult to segregate characters because you become unsure of what would suit whom. Throwing light on the same, Grewal was quoted, “I had written this script long ago. I hadn’t even thought of the characters back then. I wrote it as an open movie. Earlier I had decided to play the character played by Binnu Dhillon. I had even prepared myself for it. Later on, it was difficult to find someone for the character I am playing now. Then I switched my character because I had a feeling that Binnu is a perfect fit for the role he is playing.

“I was also unsure as to whether others would agree to do this movie, especially (Jaswinder) Bhalla sahab and (Gurpreet) Bhangu madam because of their uncharacteristic characters. I think after ‘Ardaas‘ and ‘Manje Bistre‘ people had that faith in me that if Gippy is offering something, he must have thought a lot about it.”

Watch the full video to see Grewal discussing about debutant Sapna Pabbi and play a funny round of ‘Never Have I Ever’:


Apart from the trailer of the movie, its song are also weaving magic for it. Post Guru Randhawa’s Aaja Ni Aaja‘ and Gippy Grewal and Malkit Singh-sung ‘Mar Gaye Oye Loko’ (title song), the third song of the movie has also started to do the rounds among the audiences. Named ‘Fuel’, it was released on the day before yesterday. Sung by Grewal himself, the song is penned down by Rav Hanjra and musically directed by Snappy. Watch the full video:

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