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Audiences going into raptures over Uda Aida

Audiences going into raptures over Uda Aida

Audiences going into raptures over Uda Aida: The viewers are being tirelessly wax lyrical about the recently released Punjabi movie.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the director and writer duo of Ksshitij Chaudhary and Naresh Kathooria has yet again reaped fruits for not just themselves of the producers of the movie but for the Punjabi film industry as a whole. Given how the audiences have addressed themselves to their latest movie named Uda Aida‘, it speaks highly about the project irrespective of what it earns on the box-office.

The reason why movies like Uda Aida are afar from any commercial value is because what they deliver can’t really be allotted a price tag. In an industry like ours, where filmmakers think twice about making movies which remit a social message, coming up with such a project in itself is an attainment.

Right from the premier of the movie to its first week day, the cinema halls have witnessed a constant sight of people on the verge of tears after watching the movie. While it is true that a majority of people tend to maintain a distance from their mother tongue, the movie makes them confront the other truth regarding the need of saving their native language. Perhaps, it is this realization which is making the people weep post watching the movie.

Among one of the stars in the star-studded premier of Uda Aida was singer-turned-actor Ammy Virk. Speaking to Punjabi Mania after watching the movie, Virk congratulated the whole team for putting together a ‘meaningful’ movie. “It is a very good movie. I would like to congratulate Tarsem [Jassar] bhaji, Neeru [Bajwa] ji, Ksshitij [Chaudhary] bhaji and the whole team. It is a meaningful film which gives a brilliant message. I hope the whole Punjab will watch this movie,” Virk was quoted as saying.

It is worth mentioning that coming up with a concept is one thing and successfully making its transition from the paper to the celluloid is the other. In Uda Aida, Chaudhary, Kathooria and the whole cast have made sure that they fall into the second category.

One would be failing in his duty to talk about Uda Aida and not praise its producers in Friday Russh Motion Pictures. Coming on the back of a super-hit ‘Mr & Mrs 420’ series, they have done unbelievably well in switching genres and not aiming to enhance their success with another comedy movie. Other than Deepak Gupta and Rrupali Gupta, the movie has also been produced by the above mentioned duo of Chaudhary and Kathooria.

If you haven’t watched Uda Aida as of now, don’t let this opportunity go. The movie is running successfully in a cinema near you. Watch the premier of the movie below:

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