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Dixit Bhargav

Engineer. Sports Management student. Cricket enthusiast. Ardent follower of the Punjabi cinema.

Le Chakk Parmish Aa Gaya!

Tomorrow, i.e., 18/08/2017, will be a day of great consequence for an eminent name in the Punjabi industry, Parmish Verma. Talk of the vital tasks required to deliver a successful Punjabi song’s video, Parmish has been there, done that. The journey of returning back from Australia to directing music videos at the cost of dirt cheap to delivering some of …

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Binnu ‘Versatile’ Dhillon!

Birender Singh Dhillon, aka Binnu Dhillon, is an eminent face in the Punjabi film industry. He was born on 29th August 1975, in Dhuri, Punjab. Binnu has an enormous experience of working in theatrical plays. He used to be a regular artist in plays before entering into movies. One word which describes his acting the best is ‘versatile’. Over the …

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Will this spree of action movies be a box-office success?

Film makers in the Punjabi industry are criticized off and on for making the same genre of movies on a consistent basis. The Punjabi audience often witnesses a spree of movies which in some way or the other revolve around the same category. Whether it is a co-incidence or a well-planned move, only the film makers can disclose. Walking on …

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