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‘Bamb Gaana’ – Much more than a recurrent track

The Crown Prince of Bhangra, Jazzy B, has brought out his new track, ‘Bamb Gaana’, a song which is as Bamb as its title sounds. The ace singer has released a music video after more than six months. His previous project named ‘Billo Tera Jatt’ from the album ‘Folk N Funky 2’ was released towards the shank end of May. ‘Manke Ton Manak’, a tribute by Jazzy B to his master, Ustaad Kuldeep Manak, was released last month, but, in an aural form.

Coming back to Bamb Gaana, the music video was released on the official YouTube channel of Jazzy B, ‘Jazzy B Records’, this Wednesday. At the time of writing this article, it has received in excess of 4.5 million views on the same platform, including umpteen going into raptures about both the audio and the video from fans of Jazzy B in Punjab and overseas.

It would be jejune on our part to comment on anything related to Jazzy B’s voice or singing for it is a tried and tested piece of merchandise which has been holding the attention of audience all over the world for more than two decades now. We would also be failing in our review if we do not mention his latest mien, something which he has tinkered with (successfully) right through his career.

Someone who is close at hand with Jazzy B in the music video is hit-machine Fateh DOE. A proficient performer, as he is, Bamb Gaana is another exemplary to the fact as to why he is one of the top hip-hop rappers in not just Punjab, but, India.

A pre-eminent name in the Punjabi industry in the field of direction, Baljit Singh Deo, has played the triad of being a DOP, editor and director in the music video. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he has done full justice (yet again) to all the three aspects. Gursewak Dhillon has penned down the impactful lyrics of the song which is musically directed by Harj Nagra.

The upshot of the whole music video is its denouement for it enlightens the audience with an inspiring insight. People often blame their past for their present and take no pain to improve it in a bid to build a wonderful future. This is where the whole learning in the song takes place. What ever has happened in the past should not be a criterion to suffer in the present. As it is said in the last line of the video, ‘Navi shuruaat kade vi kitti ja sakdi hai’ (You can start a new beginning anytime you want).

The song also proves wrong the notion that commercial and meaningful projects cannot go hand in hand. This music video had appropriate doses of entertainment, glamour, catchy lyrics and a leaning. Other singers and video directors can also take a piece of learning from this video and try and create such inspiring videos. If you haven’t watched the video as yet, watch it below:

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