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Banjara Movie Preview

Banjara Movie Preview: Brace yourself for Babbu Maan’s resurgence

Banjara Movie Preview: Punjabi Mania presents before the full movie preview of upcoming Punjabi movie named ‘Banjara’.

Although a movie should be awaited for what it contains as one product, there are some movies which are solely looked upon because of the actor/actress involved. Upcoming Punjabi movie ‘Banjara’ sure falls into the second category.

Slated to release on this Friday (December 7), the movie stars Babbu Maan in a lead role and that appears to be a reason enough for his bountiful fans to rush to the cinema halls on the given day.

Maan, possessor of arguably the most fervent fan-following in the Punjabi film industry, will be seen on the celluloid after four years, which is an additional reason for his fans to watch the movie. To the delight of Maan’s supporter, he will be seen playing a triple role in the movie, something which is a rare case scenario in the Punjabi film industry.

Apart from Maan, Banjara will also mark the comeback of Mushtaq Pasha, who is directing a movie after five years. The movie will also mark the respective debut of its three leading actresses in Shradha Arya, Sara Khatri and Jia Mustafa. Other than them, the movie stars Rana Ranbir and Rana Ahluwalia. Watch Maan in an interview with Punjabi Mania below:


In a movie which will see Mann travel and romance across generations, one expects a connect between all the three points at some point in time. Talking of the story (and screenplay), it has been penned down by Dheeraj Rattan, a renowned name in the Punjabi film industry and a name which gives us surety regarding the quality of the movie.

Banjara has been produced by Rana Ahluwalia, Sardar Babu Singh Maan and Harjeet Mander under the banners of Ohri Productions, Rana Ahluwalia Productions, Maan Films, Ameri-can System and Motion Pictures. The movie will chiefly receive competition at the box-office from Abhisheek Kapoor’s ‘Kedarnath’. Having said that, with no other major Punjabi movie playing in the cinema halls currently, it might aid Banjara to enhance the commercial factor.

With the trailer of the movie releasing more than a month ago, 7,000+ comments below it speak aloud about the excitement of the movie among the audiences. If you are planning to watch the movie in the days to come, don’t forget to share your views about the same in our comments section. Watch the trailer below:

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