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Complete List of Punjabi Movies in 2018

Punjabi Mania: Best Punjabi Films of 2017

The year 2017 is in its twilight. It is that time of the year when people concoct plans regarding the New Year’s eve. It is that time of the year when people build new resolutions. It is also that time of the year when all métiers are scrutinised.

We, at Punjabi Mania, have covered news vis-à-vis Punjabi movies for the whole of 2017. With just a handful of days remaining in the year, we believe that this is the best time to review the performances across various spheres of activity.

Let us pick up the threads of our segment with the ‘Best Films’ of the year. The films are not ranked but are listed in the order of their release dates.

1. Rabb Da Radio – Directed by Tarnvir Singh Jagpal and Harry Bhatti, ‘Rabb Da Radio’ was the most ideal example of the fact that the story of a movie is its biggest star. Upon watching the movie, one comprehends that it is burdensome to single out an actor that has emerged as the knight in the shining armour for everyone did justice to their role, but, none did it more than the story written by Jass Grewal.

2. Lahoriye – The first two names which come to your mind after hearing the word Lahoriye is Amrinder Gill and Sargun Mehta. The two actors share a brand of on-screen chemistry which is beyond comparison. This was their third movie together in as many years, all of which have been blockbusters. Written and directed by Amberdeep Singh (his directorial debut), the movie described an across-the-border-love-story with downright elan.

3. Channa Mereya – Marketers tend to sell a movie as a product. ‘Channa Mereya’ was that experience for the audiences who went to the cinemas which an individual seeks out of a product (or service). Not for a moment did the three debutants in Ninja, Payal Rajput and Amrit Mann looked under a bit of oppression, credit for which goes to the director of the movie, Pankaj Batra. The way in which he revolved his neophyte resources around veteran names like Yograj Singh and B.N. Sharma in this story of amour is worth the pat on the back.

4. Vekh Baraatan Challiyan – Comedy is something which gave Punjabi Cinema it’s own identity. Having said that, in the midst of the journey, many people have demanded different types of cinema in the name of meaningful cinema and what not. But in the end, what sells in the best way to the audience in nothing but comedy. VBC was the perfect example of that. The film became one of the most watched Punjabi films of the year and proved to be a money spinner for its makers who went laughing away all the way to the banks.

5. Jora 10 Numbaria – Often, success in the Punjabi Cinema is judged by the Box Office Performance of the film. However, there are a few films which deserve a mention irrespective of how they might have performed at the Box Office. ‘Jora 10 Numbaria’ is one of those films. The film released in the latter half of 2017 and was a wonderfully written and directed film. However, the film just could not find the audience it required and failed to make money but will remain one of the best films of 2017, at least for me.

6. Nikka Zaildar 2 – The thing with sequels is that they tend to get judged by their prequels. ‘Nikka Zaildar 2’ was no different. Having said that, it stood tall on all the expectations. Words can describe less, but, director Simerjit Singh went out of the ordinary to bring into being the Punjab of yesteryear. For someone who lives in Mumbai and saw the movie at the G7 Multiplex in Bandra (Mumbaikars would relate better to this), the experience was nothing short of ornamentation. Believe me when I write this, a Mumbai-based Punjabi family (consisting of three generations) which had come to watch the movie indulged a great deal in reminiscence of their time in Punjab.

You can write to us in the comments section regarding our choices of the ‘Best Films’ of the year and also send us your list.

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