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‘Bhagat Singh Di Udeek’ – A movie on societal lines

Towards the end of the year, a least possible amount of movies are released in the Punjabi industry. Amongst the movies which will entertain the Punjabi audience in Punjab and overseas at this point of the year is ‘Bhagat Singh Di Udeek’. The trailer of the movie was released on October 23 on the official channel of Yellow Music on YouTube.

By the looks of the trailer, the movie appears to revolve around societal lines, covering the major problems prevailing in the state of Punjab. Apart from its overall enlightening meaning, one can also expect shades of action as part of revenge sequence in the movie.

Not going into the exact meaning of the title of the movie, Bhagat Singh Di Udeek aims at people finding Bhagat Singh in themselves, someone who will fight against the bad and for the good, someone who will not allow oneself to indulge in activities which are deemed forbidden by the society.

Canada-based actor, Arsh Chawla, is playing the lead role in the movie. Two prominent names of the Punjabi movie industry, which are likely to attract the audience towards the cinemas on November 24 (the release date of the movie) are B N Sharma and Sardar Sohi. Considering their heavy fan base in mind, one can expect this movie to open on a high note. Apart from them, Malkit Rauni, Surbhi Singla, Khushi Malhotra, Gurpreet Bhangu, Harindar Harry, Jasdav Maan, Gurmeet Daman, Sukhwinder Raj, Dev Sharma, Babbar Gill, Randeep Bhangu and Ikatar Singh will be seen playing pivotal roles in the movie.

The movie is directed by Shivamm Sharma and produced by Virendra Pal Singh Kalra and Avijeet Singh Kalra under the banner of Ishwar House Entertainment and Emperor Media & Entertainment. Babbar Gill has penned down the story, screenplay, dialogues and the lyrics of the songs of the movie.

Dugesh Vishwakarma has given the background score in the movie which is edited by Navneet Arjun. Watch the full trailer here and tell us in the comments section about your views on the trailer:

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