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‘Blessings Of Bebe’ Review: Kokri’s accord with the concept

April 2015 – ‘Blessings of Baapu’.

June 2016 – ‘Blessings of Rabb’.

February 2018 – ‘Blessings Of Bebe’.

Call it a mere idée fixe of Gagan Kokri or perhaps his supreme conviction in the theme that he has released three songs in and around a similar concept. His song Blessings of Baapu was released in 2015 and was appreciated by the audiences in both Punjab and overseas. The song genuinely deserved accolades for it had the essential elements of what are required in a hit song.

After a span of 14 months, Gagan Kokri returned with Blessings of Rabb. Even that song was reasonable, but, lacked the qualities of what were readily available in Blessings of Baapu. By that time, the notion of not repeating something successful just for the sake of it was clear in front of the audiences.

However, it seems as if for Gagan Kokri, another shot at the same target was necessary. As a result of which, Blessings of Bebe must have happened. Writing straight from the shoulder, the graph has undoubtedly fallen down from the first song to the third. Despite being based on a mother, the song lacks conviction big time.

The song was released day before yesterday on the official YouTube channel of Saga Hits. It has been penned down by Jaggi Jagowal, who has (it seems) put in appreciable efforts to write the song. The lyrics of the song are sufficiently good, but the music by Laddi Gill is workaday.

The music video of the song is directed by Manav Shah. Just like the music of the song, the video is also highly ordinary, so much so that watching the complete video of four minutes and 47 seconds at one go can be an uphill task. The fact that the presence of an illustrious name in Anita Devgan couldn’t change the fortune of the video throws enough light on the quality of work that has been done.

Full credit to Gagan Kokri for not jumping into objectionable genres like many singers tend to do in the modern times, but there is an enormous difference between sticking to an idea and executing it to a level that the viewers like it. For this time at least, Kokri, even on a personal front has failed to stand tall on the latter.

If you haven’t watched the music video as yet, watch it below and tell us what you feel regarding the same in the comments section:

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