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Box Office: Gelo, Punjabi Movie

Day 1 Box Office

Jaspinder Cheema starrer Gelo opened in cinemas yesterday. A lot has been spoken about the film’s release and the number of shows the film has got in East Punjab. We at Punjabi Mania believe that if the content is right in a film and the audience wants to watch a film, they will find shows for themselves. The best example if Rupinder Gandhi..The Gangster which released last year. The film was released on very less shows but it found a connect with the audience and sustained well for 2-3 week run in cinemas.

Coming to Gelo, the film collected a mere Rs. 1,06,000 on Day 1. And the makers are talking about the film not getting a proper release. I had a word with a few Duty Managers at various cinemas in Chandigarh. They all had the same point. “If the audience wants to see the film, we can add more shows. We have done this in the past and we can even do it for this film. But the film has to show growth.’

I saw the film in Elante Mall last night and there were a mere 16-17 people watching the film. If this is the occupancy rate, then how will cinemas increase the shows.

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