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Box Office: Saadey CM Saab, Punjabi Movie

Box office report of Punjabi Film Saadey CM Saab, starring Harbhajan Mann, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Rahul Singh, Daman Gill and Kashish Singh. Directed by Vipin Prasher.

First Day First Show
First Day First Show of Saadey CM Saab is received coldly at the box office. The cinemas saw occupancy levels in single digits at most places.

Day 1
Friday, May 27
The cold response of First Day First Show continued later in the day too. The film couldn’t attract much audience. The East Punjab region yielded Rs. 21.50 Lakhs on Day 1.

Day 1 Collection: INR 21,50,000
1 Day Total: INR 21,50,000

Day 2
Saturday, May 28
The collections at the box office on Day 2 ended up a little higher than Day 1. But this minimal raise in collections won’t offer any relief to the makers. East Punjab earnings for Saturday were 23.50 Lakhs.

Day 2 Collection: INR 23,50,000
2 Day Total: INR 45,00,000

Day 3
Sunday, May 29
The upshift momentum of earnings for the film continued on Day 3 as well. The film grossed 37 Lakhs in the East Punjab Region. But this shift can be mainly attributed to the fact that it was a Sunday.

Day 3 Collection: INR 37,00,000
3 Day Total:  INR 82,00,000

Day 4
Monday, May 30
Saadey CM Saab fell flat on Monday with collections just over 10 Lakh in East Punjab Region.

Day 4 Collection: INR 10,50,000
4 Day Total:  INR 92,50,000

(Please Note: The collections of Day 4 were updated to this article on May 31, 2016.)

Day 5
Tuesday, May 31
Saadey CM Saab Collections further fell by 15 percent in East Punjab Region. The film however reached the milestone of 1 crore.

Day 5 Collection: INR 9,00,000
5 Day Total:  INR 1,01,50,000

(Please Note: The collections of Day 5 were updated to this article on May 31, 2016.)

Day 6
Wednesday, June 1
Saadey CM Saab Collections further fell by a lakh in East Punjab Region.

Day 6 Collection: INR 8,00,000
6 Day Total:  INR 1,09,50,000

(Please Note: The collections of Day 6 were updated to this article on June 3, 2016.)

Disclaimer: Box office figures are obtained from a reliable source and are expected to be accurate, however we do not take any responsibility for their accuracy. Please check with the distributor/producer for exact figures.


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