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Box Office: Sardar Mohammad, Punjabi Movie

Box office report of Punjabi movie Sardar Mohammad starring Tarsem Jassar. Directed by Harry Bhatti.

First Day First Show
Sardar Mohammad opened to low figures as compared to Tarsem Jassar’s previous release, Rabb Da Radio. The opening saw around 40-50% occupancies in the 1st shows all around the East Punjab region. The Day 1 should end up anywhere near Rs. 40,00,000 given the trend the film is following from 1st shows.

Day 1
Sardar Mohammad opened to shockingly low figures on Day 1 as the film merely managed to collect just Rs. 37,00,000 Nett in East Punjab region. I have always believed that this is a very very dull period to release a Punjabi film given that Punjab is an agriculture driven state and people in the state are pretty much occupied with a lot and they may not always take out time to watch a film. We can expect a healthy growth on Day 2 it is Saturday and it happens to be Gurpurab so we can expect high growth on Day 2 which is required for the film.

Day 2
Sardar Mohammad failed to grow on Gurpurab in East Punjab region where all other films playing in the region managed healthy growth. The film managed to collect a mere Rs. 34,00,000 Nett on Day 2 taking it’s 2-day East Punjab total in the region to Rs. 71,00,000. With this drop nothing can be said about the Sunday figures and we will have to wait for the results to pour in tomorrow afternoon. Stay Tuned!

Day 3
Sardar Mohammad collected a mere Rs. 45,00,000 on Day 3 taking it’s Opening Weekend total to Rs. 1,16,00,000 Nett in East Punjab region. These figures are highly disappointing given that at many places the Hindi Dubbed version of Thor: Ragnarok managed to cross the collections of Sardar Mohammad on Saturday and Sunday and on Sunday a film like Golmaal Again running in it’s 3rd Weekend collected more at 5-6 centres in comparison to Sardar Mohammad in the East Punjab region.

Day 4
Sardar Mohammad collected Rs. 19,00,000 in East Punjab region on Day 4 taking it’s 4-day total to Rs. 1,35,00,000 Nett. The drop is around 50% from Friday which is natural for any given film but given that the film has seen very low collections, any more hope of the film collecting better on weekdays is now a distant dream.

Day 5
Sardar Mohammad collected Rs. 15,00,000 in East Punjab region on Day 5, taking it’s 5-day total to Rs. 1,50,00,000 Nett. 

Day 6
Sardar Mohammad collected Rs. 16,00,000 in East Punjab region on Day 6, taking it’s 6-day total to Rs. 1,66,00,000 Nett. 

Day 7
Sardar Mohammad collected Rs. 14,00,000 in East Punjab region on Day 7, taking it’s 7-day total to Rs. 1,80,00,000 Nett. Sardar Mohammad has added another Rs. 15,00,000 from other regions in the country taking it’s All India Nett total to Rs. 1,95,00,000 in Week 1. Tarsem Jassar’s last release, Rabb Da Radio managed to collect these numbers within 2 days time at the Box Office.

Day 8
Sardar Mohammad collected Rs. 8,00,000 in East Punjab region on Day 8, taking it’s 8-day total to Rs. 1,88,00,000 Nett. 

Day 9
Sardar Mohammad collected Rs. 12,00,000 in East Punjab region on Day 9, taking it’s 9-day total to Rs. 2,00,00,000 Nett. 

Day 10
Sardar Mohammad collected Rs. 14,00,000 in East Punjab region on Day 10, taking it’s 10-day total to Rs. 2,14,00,000 Nett. The 2nd Sunday has been very dull for the film considering that all the other films running in the region managed to collect more than Sardar Mohammad which includes the likes of Qarib Qarib Single, Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana, Ittefaaq, Thor: Ragnarok & even Golmaal Again which is running in it’s 4th Weekend.

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