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Box Office: Shareek has a decent Opening Weekned

Shareek, the new film by Navaniat Singh which had a Thursday release has collected ‘Rs 2.50 Crores‘ in its Opening Weekend. The breakup of 4 days is as follows:

Thursday: 60,00,000

Friday: 58,00,000

Saturday: 66,00,000

Sunday: 67,00,000

The film has shown decent numbers considering the genre of the film and given that it’s festival time and the season of Jhona in Punjab. The major target audience of the film, the rural audience is pretty busy these days in Mandis. Had the film put up these numbers 2-3 years ago, it would’ve been very well but nowadays films like Sardaar Ji are collecting 2.25 crores in just 1 day. 

Also the film had major competition from Hindi films – Shandaar which has collected about 4.5-5 crores in the East Punjab region (Punjabi films have a limited audience outside Punjab and EP territory consists of Punjab, Haryana, Gurgaon, Faridabad, HP, J&K) and Pyaar aka Punchnama 2 which catered to the youth audiences. 

Now it remains to be seen that weather Shareek can survive the test of weekdays since Shaandaar has been declared flop and there’s no major film at the box office in Punjab. 

Disclaimer: The above stated figures are obtained from a source close to the producers. However, are not verified by the producers independently. Punjabi Mania takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the figures.

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