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‘Carry On Jatta 2’ escalates to unprecedented paradigms

When a grand money-spinning piece of merchandise in ‘Carry On Jatta’ was being converted into a brand, there were numerous speculations regarding whether the movie would match up to the standards set by the first part or not. Since the release of its trailer and songs, there was never an inch of doubt about Smeep Kang’s ‘Carry On Jatta 2’ not doing well at the box-office.

Not keeping the commercial value as a primary factor to judge a movie, Carry On Jatta 2 was expected to stand tall on the expectations bestowed upon it from a qualitative point of view. That being said, the intimidating manner in which the movie has fared critically and commercially speaks highly of how it has not just overcome but overwhelmed all the expectations.

In our review of the movie, we had laid emphasis as to how the movie is an arsenal of hilarity which should not be missed by any means. Talking about the financial aspect, ‘Carry On Jatta 2’ proved to be a record-breaking venture for it topped the All-India Gross Box-Office weekend collections for a Punjabi film in India, earning INR 13.15 crores. After adding the movies’ overseas weekend collection of INR 7.56 crores, the equation mounts to INR 20.71 crores.

For a Punjabi movie to yield such numbers on a worldwide basis in only its first weekend in something entirely unheard of in the past. It is true that comedy films enjoy a special place in the hearts of the Punjabi audiences. However, it is also true that to bring into being the above mentioned numbers, the quality of the movie ought to be outstanding as such numbers are not generated on an everyday basis.

Apart from what the movie is and how well it has been made, what has worked in the favour of Carry On Jatta 2 is how well its prequel was placed in the minds of the audiences. The prequel was successful in exerting influence on the public to the extent that everyone started relating themselves to the dialogues of the movie. Perhaps, it is why some signature dialogues and gestures were repeated in the sequel as well.

We have often seen memes of Binnu Dhillon and Jaswinder Bhalla getting viral on the internet. Despite being on the funnier side, all these photos and videos aided in making a place for the actors in the sub-conscious minds of the audiences, which eventually converts this furore into handsome finances at the box-office.

Another entity which deserves approbation is the producers of the movie, White Hill Studios, because the foremost task of bringing such a star cast together is a task easier said than done. Additionally, the way in which Carry On Jatta 2 was marketed deserved a special mention for seldom do you get to see regional movies being marketed in such grand manner.

In a bid to bank on the success of a comic blockbuster like Carry On Jatta 2, other makers are expected to come up with similar movies. However, both the financial and critical outcome might not remain the same for other movies as matching up to the expectations of this franchise is a daunting task.

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