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“Carry On Jatta 2 is a stress-buster”: Gippy Grewal & Sonam Bajwa

The ballyhoo which has developed around ‘Carry On Jatta 2’ is inexplicable. In which is not an hyperbolic statement, it would not be wrong to say that the movie has thus far generated the maximum buzz before the release of a movie when it comes to the Punjabi film industry this year.

The movie is being eagerly awaited by the audiences in not just Punjab but in several overseas countries as well. As a result of which, the producers have already made the announcement regarding the widespread release of the movie, especially in countries like Pakistan and UAE.

The promotion of the movie was brought to light last week. Starting from Chandigarh, the cast of the movie has promoted the movie extensively in Jalandhar and Amritsar as well. From press conferences to one-on-one interviews to live stage shows (consisting of multiple artists), every practical thing needed to bang the drum for the movie is being carried out.

In an interview with Punjabi Mania, Gippy Grewal and Sonam Bajwa, the leading pair of the movie, constantly laid emphasis on the movie being a stress-buster, a movie that will take you on an obstreperous laughter spree. In Gippy Grewal words, “We have tried out best keep the sequel really close to the first part. In ‘Goldy’, ‘Jass’, ‘Honey’, ‘Dhillon sahab’ and others, mostly all characters will be the same. It is a bang-on comedy movie. Lokan da has-has dhuaan kadd daange.” Watch the full interview with Gippy Grewal:


On the pressure before the release of the movie

Gippy Grewal: “I personally think that nothing happens with pressure. In my career, I have given several hits and flops. But have worked equally hard each time.”

Sonam Bajwa: “There is no pressure as such. I am really excited. I have read the script and saw the movie being shot, so I am feeling very confident about it. The vibe of the film is so funny that you get a feeling that the audiences will really like the movie.”

On director Smeep Kang

Gippy Grewal: “Smeep is like my elder brother. He is one of the directors from which I have learnt a lot. I have always received good advice from him. No one could have directed Carry On Jatta 2 in a better way than him. He has full command on this genre.”

Sonam Bajwa: “What makes Smeep Kang different from the other directors is that he is very quite and relaxed. He is a very chilled-out director. I have never seen him frowning. He is always smiling.”

On each other:

Gippy Grewal: “Sonam is very professional. She is always on time and I think that she has never disturbed anyone. She doesn’t waste time like some other girls. It feels great to see her in this team. People liked our pair in ‘Manje Bistre’, hopefully they will like it even more this time.”

Sonam Bajwa: “The more comfortable you are with an actor, the better the chemistry is. Since we have done three movies together, there is a comfort level now. He is a very nice and humble person to work with. He is one of those actors with whom working is easy. He is talented and will always make you feel comfortable.”

Watch the full interview with Sonam Bajwa:


Bajwa, the box-office queen of the Punjabi industry, is one of the few fresh entrants in this franchise. On being asked regarding replacing Mahie Gill in the movie, she said, “First of all, I would say that I haven’t replaced her. No one can replace anyone. What Sonam Bajwa can add to a character is very different from what others can add and vice-versa. There is no comparison. I think she is busy in a couple of Bollywood projects. I personally appreciate her work. She is a very good actress.”

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