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“Comedy movies keep coming, but this movie is different” – says Dakuaan Da Munda actress Pooja Verma

Pooja Verma, who has appeared in many punjabi music videos and had received alot of love from the audience for her role in ‘Baaz‘ opposite Babbu Maan will be next seen in the upcoming movie ‘Dakuaan Da Munda’ opposite ‘Rupinder Gandhi- the gangster?’ fame actor, Dev Kharoud. The movie is based on the acclaimed book ‘Dakuaan Da Munda’, an autobiography of Mintu Gursariya, who became a drug addict when he was a young kabaddi player and also stepped into the world of crime. The book describes his journey of overcoming his problems and leading a better life.

Pooja Verma had shared her experience of working in this movie exclusively with Punjabi Mania. Here are a few excerpt from her conversation with Punjabi Mania.

Q. Tell us something about the movie and your character in the film!

A. The movie is based on the life of Mintu Gursaria. It’s an inspirational and good movie for the youth as these days there are alot of youngsters in punjab who have got into drugs and are spoiling their lives. This movie is the whole journey of Mintu Gursaria’s struggles in life and how he overcame them. I am playing Mintu Gursaria’s love interest in the movie. The movie has all emotions like love, friendship and family.

Q. How was the overall experience of working in this movie?

A. The overall experience was very good. I love punjabi cinema and I really enjoy doing it. I had really enjoyed myself while doing Baaz with Babbu Maan and this time too I had a very good experience working with Dev Kharoud . I learnt alot from both of them.

Q. You have worked with Babbu Maan in your first film and now you are working with Dev Kharoud. How has the whole experience?

A. Both the actors are amazing! They both have a good fan base in punjab. It was an altogether different experience working with Babbu Maan as he is considered the god of punjabi industry and has a great fan following. Dev is also a very good actor and is loved by the people. Both of them are my seniors and I learnt a lot from them.

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Q. What made you chose this character?

A. Its the story actually! Maximum movies in Punjab are comedy movies, but this movie was different. When I got a call for the movie and I got to know the story and the concept, I really liked it. I read about Mintu Gursaria on the internet also. I was happy that people will learn that one can leave drugs and lead a better life. My character is a part of his journey and helps him to move on to a better path. It’s the concept of the movie that made me choose it.

Q. How was your experience working with the director Mandeep Benipal?

A. He is very clear about his characters and he knows what he wants from a particular scene. He has a very clear vision and really helped me with my scenes. He is a very nice person to work with and does not get angry. He is very professional and fun loving. It was a very nice experience working with him.

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Q. You have done punjabi films and have also done modeling in punjabi songs. What do you enjoy more?

A. I love shooting for songs, its an altogether different experience! Both things are really good experiences and I’m open to both.

Q. This is a biopic of Mintu Gursaria. There are alot of biopics being made these days! What are your thoughts on this?

A. Its a very good initiative by people as biopics tell us about somebody’s life and their struggles. All other genres such as comedy, action,tragedy, thriller movies, are good for entertainment but the viewers don’t learn much from them. Biopics help people to learn from other people’s life struggles. Like the people who will watch ‘Dakuaan Da Munda’ will see how a young boy who got into drugs overcame his problems.

Q. When is the movie releasing and what are your expectations from it?

A. Dakuaan Da Munda will release on 10 August 2018. The trailer and songs are out and are getting a good response. I keep getting messages from people on instagram, so the buzz is good. Comedy films keep coming, but this movie is different. It’s a good movie and it should do well. I hope people like it and I get calls for doing more of such good movies.

Q. What will be your next project after this movie?

A. I’ll be starting a web series soon after 10-12 days. It will be a 15 episode series and I’m looking forward to the shoot.

Q. What are your future plans after this?

A. I really want to do good work and good films which are liked by people in punjabi industry or bollywood. I am really funny in real life and I love comedy movies and I would love to do one. I want to do different roles in every movie! I am really happy with Punjabi cinema and of course bollywood is everybody’s next step.

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