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‘CON.FI.DEN.TIAL’ Album Review: Diljit’s second-rate album

To the gratification of a plethora of fans of the Punjabi music industry, Diljit Dosanjh had announced his latest album named ‘CON.FI.DEN.TIAL’ last week. Upon the release of all the songs of the album, the same set of audience have nothing to write home about for most of the songs of the album are middling and uninteresting. Post the release of his third Hindi movie, ‘Welcome To New York’, this is the second unfortunate development for Diljit in a span of a handful of days.

At times, when you hear eight audio songs one behind the other, you might not develop a liking for all of them. But if you listen to them multiple times just to make sure that you give each and every song enough opportunities and still do not be pleased, it speaks a lot about the quality of those songs. CON.FI.DEN.TIAL has it in it to put you in this exact space.

There might be several reasons why the modern contemporary singers lay special importance on single tracks and not on albums. One of them is the audience, which prefers to view a song than to listen to it these days. And by the time a singer releases respective official videos of all songs of his album, the flavour of the album is done and dusted. Hence, single tracks remain a safe and a practical option for the modern viewers.

The best song of the lot of is ‘High End’, whose video has already been released. Had only a couple of songs of CON.FI.DEN.TIAL been mundane, the reason mentioned in the above paragraph would have come to the fore. In a situation where all the songs are of the same unexceptional quality, a lot of scrutiny has to be done to find the reasons behind the faltering fortune of the album.

One thing which is for sure is that Dosanjhanwala‘s magic has not worked this time round. All the songs of the album have been penned down by Rav Hanjra. Writing straight from the shoulder, his lyrics have been supremely commonplace. The uncontrolled prominence on the terms of social media in the lyrics have not worked to the likes of the lyricist. Lyrics form the basis of a song. It is the lyrics around which a music director and a singer work to ultimately create a song. The lyrics of CON.FI.DEN.TIAL have let it down big time.

The album has been musically directed by Snappy. In which is just a brand of passable music, his work could have been much better. Here is a brief description about all the audio songs of the album:

  1. Future – This beat-cum-romantic track throws light on the singer’s plan to spend his future with the love of his life.
  2. Big Scene – This song glorifies the time after the singer will become a superstar. It is a song which is being sung (more of a taunt) to a girl, who considers him as nothing but just another struggling individual.
  3. Drive – Drive is a break-up song which lays emphasis on the life of the singer post his break-up. There are excerpts from the song which force you to think that the girl has cheated on the singer.
  4. Sorry – It is a song which tells us that the singer is feeling apologetic for falling for the girl. Again, the girl is being convicted as the wrongdoer.
  5. Offline – It is a song which is high on its dose of social media. It is less of a song and more of a conversation.
  6. Pain Ft. Kaater Pain, the most irksome song of this album, is Diljit Dosanjh’s attempt at amalgamating Punjabi and English in a song, which has obviously gone all wrong.
  7. Weekend – In Weekend, the singer urges a girl to spend the weekend with him for he likes him to the extent that asks for her address.
  8. Beedio Call – It is another of those songs which revolves around the nuances of social media and Diljit’s obsession with a girl in America.

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