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Delaying Ashke’s trailer was a thought-out plan: Amberdeep Singh

Ashke‘, Amberdeep Singh’s latest directorial project, was held in esteem by both the the critics and the audiences. Post a weak Day 1 at the box-office, the movie showed humongous growth on Day 2 and the subsequent days to the extent that it ended up being declared as a ‘Hit’ venture. Having said that, there is no hiding to the fact that the movie traveled a highly contrasting path in its journey to reach the audiences.

The trailer of the movie was released some 12 hours before its first show in India. Until then, no one really knew what the movie is all about apart from the fact that it is based on BhangraThe audiences weren’t even aware about the fact that Roopi Gill would be making her debut as an actress in this movie. Perhaps, it was the first Punjabi movie to release in such a concealing manner.

In an exclusive interview with Punjabi Mania, director Amberdeep Singh talked us through the exact thought process behind all that had happened (not happened, in this case). Throwing light on the delayed release of the trailer, he said, “Actually, it was our plan. Things take, at the most a day or two, to go viral on social media and reach the audiences these days. We were of the strategy that we would release the trailer a couple of days before the release of the movie. But even that got delayed. We wanted to try something new this time.”

As optimistic as it sounds, the other side of this coin involves risk, a greater amount at that for the audiences’ behavior can be unforeseeable at times. Amberdeep agreed to the fact that this experiment was risky but also spoke about the whole team feeling confident about the product (movie). He further added, “For an Amrinder (Gill) bhaji and Rhythm Boyz Entertainment movie to come in this manner was definitely risky. But, we are very happy that the experiment has paid-off.

“On the first day, people were confused as to whether the film has released or not. But if you see, it traveled brilliantly from the second day onward in both India and (especially) overseas (Canada, USA and Australia). The film witnessed house-full shows even in its second week. People were skeptical about the movie on the first day because they had a set-mind in the anticipation of a movie. However, once they realized that the movie has released, they accepted it gleefully.”

Amberdeep has been a regular face at Rhythm Boyz Entertainment. From writing to directing to playing cameo appearances, Amberdeep has been there and done that in the movies produced by this production house. On being asked about his experience of working with them, he was quoted, “We have been working together so closely over the years that we all are a part of this production house. It’s like our own label. Karaj (Gill) bhaji heads it. The best apart about this team is that there are no formalities among the members or no hesitancy in keeping your point forward. We all are very open to each other’s viewpoints which help in the right sort of discussions.

“Another advantage at Rhythm Boyz is that we all work for the film. Individual priorities take a backseat in such a scenario. None of us is egoistic. If one tells the other to change something for the betterment of the film, the latter will accept it without any fuss.”

On being asked about the difference of opinion throughout the process of film-making, he said, “Seldom do we come across a situation where our opinions differ. If ever we do come across such a situation, as I said earlier, we do whatever is best for the movie. We have developed such a bond that we automatically come to know that this person is saying the right thing. I guess this is the reason why our movies work well for the audiences.”

During an award function earlier this year, Amrinder Gill had announced that Ashke was being directed by Pankaj Batra. On being asked as to what happened midway that he replaced Batra, Amberdeep replied in a chuckling way, “Ummm…either Amrinder bhaji or Pankaj Batra ji can tell you better about this. I can’t say much about this.”

In which is likely to come in as another welcoming news for the audiences of the Punjabi cinema is that during the same award function Amrinder Gill had also announced another movie under Amberdeep’s direction. Answering about the status of that project, Amberdeep said, “We will be announcing that movie along with the official poster really soon. We are working on it and are hopeful that we will make another content-driven movie for the Punjabi viewers.”

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