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‘Designer’ – Nimrat Khaira’s transmutation

In a span of two years, the elegant and tuneful Nimrat Khaira has found a niche for herself in the Punjabi music industry. From single tracks to singing and acting in a movie, she has been there done that in the Punjabi industry. Having won the third season of Voice of Punjab, she sang her first song, ‘Rabb Karke’, alongside Nishawn Bhullar in 2015.

Hitherto she has released nine single tracks, the latest of them all named ‘Designer’ was released yesterday. The song was released on the official YouTube channel of Humble Music. At the time of writing this article, it has received in excess of 1.2 million views and is trending on #6 on the same platform.

All her tracks have been spoken highly of by the audiences in Punjab and overseas. To further strengthen her case in the Punjabi industry, she has also sung Jhumke in ‘Sargi’, Dubai Wale Shaikh in ‘Manje Bistre’ and Akhar in ‘Lahoriye’. Furthermore, she made her debut as an actress in Lahoriye as she played the role of Harleen Kaur (Amrinder Gill’s sister).

From Rabb Karke to ‘Suit’, one facet of her singing which was a commonplace in all her songs was that she had all the hallmarks of a quintessential Punjabi mutiyaar so much so that she had become an archetype of the same in the minds of the viewers. Right from her voice to her accent, from the lyrics to the music, from her outward form to the concept of the video, everything had a touch of the Punjabi culture in it.

Having said this, something which has come as her transmutation is her most recent track, Designer. As the name suggests, this brand-savvy song has stupefied the audience for no one would have expected Khaira to switch genres at full tilt. And aptly, she deserves credit for the same. Experimenting and trying new genres is of the utmost importance for an artist. As far as Designer is concerned, Khaira has passed out with flying colours to a certain degree.

She has donned the urban look with sheer magnificence. In what is her most opulent look in a music video so far, she still has elegance on her side. Baljit Singh Deo, a name of consequence in the Punjabi film industry, has directed the video. His efforts, in addition to the location, have added worthiness to the video. The lyrics have been penned down by Happy Raikoti and Deep Jandu has directed the song musically.

One paramount part of the song which has, perhaps been experimented a bit too much or should not have been tinkered with is Khaira’s voice. It appears that in a bid to match the ambience of the song or, may be, just to proliferate its impact, the singer’s voice has been prejudiced, which is a topic to have a debate on. When people have expressed approval of all her songs in her natural voice in the past, this could have been given a wide berth to. Well, this is what we strongly feel!

You can watch the video below and tell us about your views in the comments section:

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