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Dev Kharoud’s protean abilities key behind his success

The nature of the Punjabi film industry has become such that we give more significance to a singer-turned-actor than an actor even for the profile of an actor. There isn’t precisely anything lawbreaking in it, but it has its own ramifications which most of the times work against the actor.

What this above-mentioned emphasis does is that it makes the life of being an actor difficult for the actor because people somehow don’t give him the importance of an actor, especially if he is in the early stages of his career. If there is one name which has made his way through this prejudice, he is Dev Kharoud.

From working in theatrical plays to TV serials to movies being shelved to not getting any work at all in movies, Kharoud has now turned the tables to become an A-list actor in Punjab. Having delivered three super-hit movies in as many years, Kharoud has officially announced himself in the elite list of leading actors in the Punjabi film industry.

The most intriguing aspect of his success is that all these movies have been biopics – two parts of the ‘Rupinder Gandhi’ series and a recently released Dakuaan Da Munda‘. Rupinder Gandhi and Mintu Gurusaria might appear of the same nature to some people. There is no hiding to the fact that they are same in a way but that doesn’t mean there is no contrast between them. The varied contrast between both the personalities was well differentiated by Kharoud in both his movies. The way in which he didn’t let nuances of Gandhi come into the Gurusaria in itself defines his dexterity in front of the camera.

If the Rupinder Gandhi series aided Kharoud to gain a loyal fan-base, Dakuaan Da Munda was an opportunity for his loyal fan base to prove their loyalty. The fans accepted the movie will open arms to the extent that it went on to become Kharoud’s best-ever opening. Other than a personal milestone, the film became the best opening for a Punjabi film without a singer-turned-actor, letting out the all important message that Punjabi movies can work on the sole basis of an actor and that it isn’t necessary that a singer-turned-actor can only work wonders for a movie.

In addition to these two movies, Kharoud also portrayed vital characters in Minar Malhotra’s ‘Dulla Bhatti and Ksshitij Chaudhary’s Bailaras‘ in this time-period. The movies might not have worked as well as one would have liked, but Kharoud’s work was thought highly of by critics in both the movies.

Having portrayed some action roles in the recent times, it has become easy for some people in the industry to categorize him as a mere action hero or someone who excels at bringing to light roles of such personalities. That being said, ‘Kaka Ji‘, his next movie (also produced by Dreamreality Movies) has already been announced and is expected to travel on comic lines. The shoot of the movie is likely to begin next month.

In Kharoud, the Punjabi industry has got a quintessential actor, someone who has it in him to take the Punjabi cinema forward. It is now up to the writers, directors, producers and viewers as to how they perceive this actor in the times to come. Watch Kharoud and Jagjeet Sandhu in a recent interview with Punjabi Mania:

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