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Diljott’s Debut Single Released Worldwide

Getting back to you all in a very refreshing and romantic way, the actress turned singer, Diljott treats her fans with a romantic number, Tere Rang – The Colours Of Love. “The song released worldwide 2 days ago and since it’s the Valentine season, so a romantic song like mine is apt and getting tremendous response. So the audience can share the song, dedicate to each other and enjoy. Everyone is appreciating the audio and the video of the song.” said an excited Diljott on the release of her debut single.

The journey of the song began right from the very first step when the idea of this particular song came to her mind, then developing it with her team and finally the release of the song has been wonderful and a memorable one. Also it’s a proud moment for all the Punjabis, since the same punjabi track ‘Tere Rang’, has also been selected as a playback song for a Hollywood film ‘5 Weddings’. That film is based on an Indo American Story and will feature this Punjabi song as a Playback soundtrack in their Indian sequence in the voice of Diljott itself.

“I believe when you do something optimistically, everything turns positive and favorable” says Diljott. On being asked how the journey of the song treated you she replied “The journey of the song was smooth and enjoyable. The only hitch we faced was that the video of the song got delayed, since I was busy with my film shoots, then my video team got occupied in their assignments but I believe everything happens for the good. The song got delayed a bit and the releasing came to 9 February and this was indeed the right time to release the romantic song”.

Her mother has been her inspiration. Her dedication, sincerity, focus, determination in everything she does and the way she loves everyone around and how beautifully nurtures every relation. She learns so much from her. “My parents are indeed my backbone, my pillars of support and that what keeps her going. Rang’, has been shaped in keeping in mind what a layman would like to listen to. The song has a melodious music and vocals, which shall touch everyone’s chords of heart. The lyrics will make them remember their loved ones, about the beautiful memories with their partners and friends. The song as a whole depicts a pure love and will make everyone yearn to listen to it and watch it.”

Here’s a little message from her to all her viewers and fans. “My song ‘Tere Rang’ has released worldwide on 9 February. I have given my best and I am sure the way you have supported me in all my endeavours, you will support this song also. I am looking forward for your love and support to the song. Share the song and enjoy it also.”

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