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Babbu Maan's comeback

Fans on pins and needles for Babbu Maan’s comeback

Babbu Maan’s comeback: Slated to release on December 7, Babbu Maan’s imminent movie has engaged the attention of his plethora of fans.

Not many, perhaps no one, enjoys a vehement fan-following in the Punjabi entertainment industry as much as Babbu Maan does. This ardent relationship between Maan and his plethora of fans is prevalent from nearly two decades now and has only got better with time.

Talking of unwavering fans, these people have stood by their superstar in times when his movies didn’t work well at the box-office and in times when Maan didn’t appear on the silver screen for as many as four years. Now when that halt is going to be broken with a quintessential comeback, for all we know, fans are both excited an nervous at the possible sight on watching Mann on the celluloid.

An adept singer, lyricist and music director, Maan has worked heavily on the music of his upcoming movie – ‘Banjara – The Truck Driver’. For someone who usually sings the songs of his own movies, it is reported that the movie comprises of five songs, all sung and written by Maan himself.

While many people might be looking forward to hear the music of the movie, Maan’s fans have already had the first taste of the songs of the movie. While not many artists tend to do the same, Maan has hitherto sung these songs on his stage shows. If reports are to be believed, the movie will comprise the second part of Maan’s super-hit song ‘Tralla’.

Known by ‘Khant Wala Maan’, one can imagine the love shared by him and his fans for disclosing the songs of a movie before their official release in normal circumstances is unheard of in the modern times. However, with Maan in the frame, one can’t question him, especially for what he has performed during live shows for it is due to these shows that plentiful viewers and listeners connect to the 43-year old esteemed personality.

Directed by Mushtaq Pasha, Banjara will revolve around a family whose men have been working as truck drivers for generations. Apparently, the characters of the three generations portrayed in the movie will by played by Maan himself, another aspect of the movie which his fans will be looking forward to.

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