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Is limitation on fake views the reason behind limited number of songs?

There is no going in a safe house to the fact that fake YouTube views have become an obsession with the Punjabi music industry is in all respects. This modern contemporary generation of singers have all gone all out in terms of buying fake views for their songs. In the recent past, some singers have come out and confessed about buying fake views. But, these singers are very limited in number for not everyone has the nerve to accept such a thing in front of his/her fans.

A deep research on the same topic gives one a hint that to a large extent, our industry and its singers deeply put their faith on the knack of having inorganic views on their songs. Additionally, there are agencies and agents, who help our singers in attaining the required number of views on their songs.

If recent reports are to be believed, YouTube has put a limitation to fake views on its new videos, which means that all the upcoming videos released on the platform will only be subjected to organic views and that the option of buying fake views will be out of stock.

Another observation around the Punjabi industry is that barring Diljit Dosanjh’s ‘High End’, no song of any superstar has released in the last 20 days or so. Connecting both these statements, a conclusion or a question which bursts out is that has this limitation on fake views been the reason behind limited number of songs in the recent times? Additionally, the videos which have been released in the recent times have received a lower number of views than what Punjabi videos used to receive in the past.

The much-awaited trailer of Simerjit Singh’s ‘Subedar Joginder Singh’ was expected to release a long before that it actually was released. Whether the above conclusion had any influenced the release of this trailer is another interesting question which is unanswered at this point in time.

In the general run of things, any singer or artist would work day in and day out to complete a project. When so much of dedication and craft goes behind one project, I wonder what forces them to lay their hands on something which is highly dishonest. Singers, these days, can give you umpteen reasons as to why they indulge in such an activity, but none of it makes fake views an honest enterprise.

Whether artists get allured to buying fake views because they want to allure more and more audiences to their video/channel by the sheer mass of numbers or whether they do it to stay contented in their own fantasy world, this process should not be continued for it sends the wrong message to the audiences.

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