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Gippy’s physical transfiguration key behind ‘Subedar Joginder Singh’

As a viewer of Punjabi movies, there are few and far between occasions when you see actors being subjected to physical transformation. The reason for the same falls down mainly to the script of our movies. From an actor’s perspective, he doesn’t come across scripts whose demand is to undergo physical changes time and again, which is the reason why you see actors in more or less the same look time and again.

Simerjit Singh’s ‘Subedar Joginder Singh’ is one such movie where the lead actor in Gippy Grewal had to walk the hard paths of an actor’s life. Getting into the character of our national hero, Param Vir Chakra awardee Subedar Joginder Singh, wasn’t limited to being a temperamental change for the Desi Rockstar of the Punjabi industry. The pre-movie preparations involved him to both gain and lose a fair amount of weight in a bid to don the look in the best possible manner.

In the movie, he will be seen portraying the various time frames in the life of Subedar Joginder Singh. This was the major reason why he had to tinker with his weight during the shoot of the movie. His weight varies from 75 kg to 80 kg to 92-93 kg in the movie. All these talks of transformation are easier said than done because it involves a vigorous attempt on the part of the artist. Additionally, the whole schedule of shooting revolves around the time taken by the artist to overcome this physical battle. Thus, taking things and time for granted is never an option.

Talking about the overall efforts put in on the movie, uphill battles were fought by the whole cast and crew who had to travel to remote locations to shoot the movie. In areas where improper breathing is a common issue, imagine the plight of shooting a war-based movie. Try forming a picture of Gippy, with the extra weight that he had put in, running and fighting during multiple scenes in such a taxing atmosphere.

Irrespective of how this movie will perform at the box-office, Gippy Grewal will always be remembered for someone who agreed to take the peril of experimenting with his physical appearance for a movie. I write this in the hope of watching more actors daring to accept such a challenge in their respective movies. Writers should also aim to write scripts which involve such bodily changes to be done on the part of the actor. Visit your cinema halls on the upcoming Friday and tell us your views about the movie in the comments section.

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