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‘Good Life’ Review – At odds with the society

The bio on his official Twitter handle reads – ‘The Canadian Phenom’. Phenom? Deep Jandu is one. Outstandingly talented or admired, he is both of them. Well, it is expected from someone who has delivered so many super-hit projects as a music director for it is a no mean task. One can guess his high repute from the fact that he has worked with a significant amount of leading artists of the contemporary Punjabi music industry.

The singer-turned-music director has come out with his latest single track, ‘Good Life’. The song was released yesterday on the official YouTube channel of Speed Records. At the time of writing this article, it has received in excess of 3 million views on the same platform.

The song also features a supreme name in Bohemia, someone who has been a superstar for the Punjabi audiences for so many years now. Having said that, even his being there has failed to turn the fortunes of the song. All in all, the song is as ordinary as it sounds. Credit to Deep Jandu for trying something contrasting, but, it has just not come out to the audience’s liking.

‘Hune asi Gangster lok…’

Another epoch-making facet of Deep Jandu’s songs (not all) is them being at odds with the society. The above line from Good Life speaks volumes about the culture which he tends to embrace in his songs. A culture which has it in it to have detrimental effects on the listeners of his songs, predominantly the youth of Punjab, which is already going through its fair share of sufferings.

For someone who is uber-talented and a public figure, for someone who has the license (through his music) to sway his fans and listeners to the right direction, a direction which leads to our rich heritage, singing ‘Hune asi Gangster lok…’ in his songs is one hundred percent beyond the pale. It it merely not the question of being right or wrong, but, it is more of a responsibility that renowned faces like Deep Jandu should take it upon.

If you haven’t watched the video of Good Life as yet, watch it here and tell us about your views regarding the same in the comments section:

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