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I feel lucky to play Mintu Gurusaria on-screen: Dev Kharoud

There are some very fortunate actors in the film industry who thrive on each other’s energy both off and on the screen. One pair who has gained considerable limelight and affection from the audiences in the recent times is Dev Kharoud and Jagjeet Sandhu. As Gandhi and Bhola, both of them were heavily applauded in the Rupinder Gandhi series.

In the imminent movie named Dakuaan Da Munda‘, a movie based on the life of Mintu Gurusaria, the duo will be seen sharing space on the screen yet again as Mintu and Romy. In an interview with Punjabi Mania, the duo spoke extensively about the movie and their individual characters.

There is no hiding to the fact that a few traits of both the characters, which Kharoud has played on-screen, match with each other. On being asked about how he ensured that people do not feel that Dakuaan Da Munda is a re-worked model of Rupinder Gandhi, he said, “To start with, when Gandhi had released, people didn’t have much expectations from it. Upon watching the movie, they realized that the movie was surely worth a watch. Many theatre artists gained recognition from the series.

“Talking of this film, my producers (Dreamreality Movies) believed in me. I believe that I am fortunate enough to be selected for this challenge. Where ever I go, people call me ‘Gandhi bai’. Therefore, it was vital to keep both the characters at a variance. I lost and gained weight to bring variations in this character. I worked on my body language. Before doing any scene, I used to think that people shouldn’t be reminded of Gandhi after watching this. Hence, I also worked on my expressions and dialogue delivery. Having said that, the audiences are the real judges. It is they who will decide whether I have passed this test or not.

On being asked about the camaraderie of Romy and Mintu in the movie, Sandhu said, “Romy belongs to a well-off family and meets Mintu during a match of Kabaddi in the college. As time passes, their friendship grows to a stage that they are ready to lay down their lives for each other.”

On being asked about how they got to know about Mintu Gurusaria in real life:

Dev Kharoud – “I initially came to know about him through his interviews. It was at that time that I thought of buying his book. I continued to follow him, started watching his shows on Sunday and his old YouTube videos.”

Jagjeet Sandhu – “During my M.A., his book kept lying in my room for a good year and a half. I thought why would someone write a book titled ‘Dakuaan Da Munda’. I thought the same way as most people think about the title right now. This title might give a certain perception to some people, but it encompasses a contrasting story altogether.”

Directed by Mandeep BenipalDakuaan Da Munda is highly likely to cover two major aspects of Gurusaria’s life, i.e., how he entered into this quagmire of drugs and destruction and how he came out of it to become a well-known journalist in the state. The latter is what most people would be looking forward to for it is expected to be having solutions of their personal problems. Addressing the same issue, Kharoud was quoted, “Anyone who falls into this unfortunate trap wants to get out of it. But sadly, there is no one to motivate him. People usually demotivate such an individual. This film will motivate such people to come out of their addiction. I believe that such a movie was the need of the hour, especially in our state because a lot of our youngsters have already died due to this issue.”

Citing such a crucial topic in mind, we are eagerly awaiting for the release of the movie on August 10. Stay tuned for more updates!

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