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“I want to Promote Humanity and Peace Through My Music” – Thomas Gill

Thomas Gill has been singing from his schooldays and has won singing championship four times in his University. Now, he is busy with several music albums. He does acting as well which is his secondary preference.

He is ready to face challenges and struggles in the music industry so that he could make his parents proud. Punjabi Mania talked to him recently.

Q. What made you join the music industry? Was it your aim to be a singer?

A. Since childhood I was interested in singing. I started singing when I was only 6 years old. I did stage performances in my school. I have represented my university which had made me won four singing championship in my university. So, my aim was to be singer, primarily and then acting as my secondary aim.

Q. You know the music industry is full of struggles, that too, when there are big stars, so are you ready to face it?

A. Ahm, yes! Sure. I am still struggling and I believe that since success is not easy and one need to struggle at every step to achieve it. Everyone is able to see and cheer for the celebrities but it’s very less that people are able to see the struggle that they have faced to reach the apex. And I am always ready to face the struggle.

Q. You have sung 2 songs before and since it’s been almost an year for You to be a part of music industry, what are you looking forward to?

A. I am working on many other songs such as romantic ones. Also, my new song is coming up, Dhoka. I am very interested for singing songs which are urban more towards hip hop, trance, EDM. So, my upcoming songs will be of different tastes and not only settling to one taste.

Q. Do you have any singer idol ?

A. Sonu Nigam is my idol. He is a versatile singer and very talented. I love him and I adore him a lot. I want to become like him .

Q. How has been your experience working with White Hill Music?

A. I have an affectionate bond with White Hill Music. They love me and have faith in me. They produce my songs and believe that I have talent.

Q. Do you believe that singing is your talent or you have been taught by someone?

A. No. I don’t have any Ustaad. I haven’t learned from anyone, it’s just the grace of God. Actually, my father was fond of playing harmonium though it was not his profession. I was around 5-6 years when I started playing it and singing. In my childhood I used play with harmonium and it was probably the grace of God that it turned out to be in more rhythmic form. But, I would like to learn more music.

Q. What type of songs we can expect from you in future?

A. I want to sing different types of songs. I want to try urban songs. I don’t want to follow the crowd and would like to bring a different style. For example Honey Singh and Bohemia have their own styles. I believe that music is a vision and one should hold it which will eventually make the crowd follow him or her.

Q. Your new song, dhoka, is coming up so, are you excited?

A. Ahm, I am not much excited for my new song . I’ll be most excited when people will know me and I’ll have the fame, not in monetary terms. I want to make my parents proud. I want to refresh the humanity and peace with the help of music.

You can check out Thomas’s New Song Here:

By :- Raktanjali Sharma

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