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‘Ik Tare Wala’ Review: Ranjit Bawa’s uttermost best

Ranjit Bawa, a name of high repute in the Punjabi film industry, has come up with his second music album named ‘Taara’. The first song of the album, ‘Ik Tare Wala’, has been released in the morning and has received prodigious approbation from the listeners across the world. His fans are doubtlessly delighted for Bawa has given them the best possible gift on his 29th birthday.

The songs was released on the official YouTube channel of T-Series Apna Punjab. At the time of writing this article, it has received over five and a half lakh views on the same platform.

Since his debut in the Punjabi music industry, Ranjit Bawa has earned the honour of being an unparalleled folk singer. Not that he hasn’t sung songs of other genre, he has and has done them with absolute success, but folk is something that perhaps comes natural to him. For some reason or the other, our Punjabi folk is what he sings the best and he should continue to pursue it in the times to come. The honour which has been bestowed upon him is also because of the fact that not many singers have it in them to sing folk songs.

One primary requirement to sing folk songs is a lyricist who writes them. Bawa is lucky enough to have collaborated with a top-notch writer in Charan Likhari for this song. The duo had teamed up in the past to deliver masterly projects like ‘Jatt Di Akal’ and ‘Lahore’. With the aid of Likhari’s particularly pithy lyrics, Ik Tare Wala has it in it to replicate the duo’s successes of the past.

Millind Gaba, a first-rate singer and music director, has directed the music of the song. Chiefly known for his party anthems and pop music, this is the first time that he has directed music for an archetype Punjabi folk song. Apart from gaining a multitude of accolades for the song, he has also proved his versatility in the industry.

The music video of the song has been directed by Param Shiv, who was earlier seen working with Bawa in his directorial debut, ‘Bhalwan Singh’. Param Shiv has done a brilliant job in directing Ik Tare Wala. The concept goes well with the modern-day tendency of the audiences to get deviated towards the so-called commercial songs. Not that there is anything wrong in it, it is just that equal attention should also be paid towards the folk songs for it is a prestigious and historical genre which should not be forgotten for the cost of a few commercial ventures.

Here is wishing Ranjit Bawa a very Happy 29th Birthday and lots of good wishes for not only this song, but the full album.

If you haven’t watched the video as yet, watch it below and tell us about your reviews regarding the same in the comments section:

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