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It was important to recite the story of these unsung heroes to our youth: Pankaj Batra

In which is a first-of-its-kind endeavour in the Punjabi film industry, the decrease in the number of days left for the release of Pankaj Batra’s ‘Sajjan Singh Rangroot’ is having an indirectly proportional effect on the craze amongst the audiences around the movie. Set to hit the big screens on the upcoming Friday (March 23), the movie looks in all likeliness to ride on the road of success.

The movie stars Diljit Dosanjh, Sunanda Sharma, Yograj Singh, Jagjeet Sandhu, Dheeraj Kumar and Jarnail Singh in vital roles.

The trailer of the movie was released almost one and a half months ago and there has been no looking back for the build-up stories to the movie since then. Citing the spectacular trailer in mind, people have been talking about the movie in the affirmative. If the trailer of the movie was not enough, its music has further strengthened its case in front of the viewers.

In ‘Peepa’, ‘Pyaas’ and ‘Sajjana’, three songs of the movie have already been released and all of them have been to the likes of the listeners. If Peepa is celebrating the tough times of the Indian soldiers during the World War I, Pyaas and Sajjana have more to do with the personal relations of the characters in the movie. The subtle nature of the songs have been their USP in Sajjan Singh Rangroot. What has also been a notable part about the music of the movie so far is that all the songs appear to adhere to the script of the movie and none of it has been added just for the sake of it.

During a telephonic conversation with Punjabi Mania yesterday, director Pankaj Batra shared his vision about the movie. He said, ‘The characters which have been depicted in the movie are the unsung heroes of Punjab’. Making reference to the unawareness of the modern-day youth towards these heroes, he further said, ‘As a filmmaker, it is my responsibility to try different genres. I strongly believed that this story needed to be told as it is deeply-rooted to our history’.

‘Post the release of Bahubali, we often heard that the Telugu industry is working in an exceptional manner. I want the same to be said of the Punjabi movie industry after people watch Sajjan Singh Rangroot’, he added.

Having made affluent Punjabi movies like ‘Naughty Jatts’‘Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo’, ‘Bambukat’ etc. in the past, he talked about the difference in portraying a fictional and a story inspired from real life on screen. He cleared the air regarding the movie being a character-driven or an event-driven movie. He also touched upon the challenges and risks involved in making the first war-time movie in the Punjabi film industry. To hear the full conversation, watch the video:

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