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Jasraj Bhatti on The Divorcee Party

Jasraj Bhatti on The Divorcee Party: “This concept goes well with contemporary youth”

Jasraj Bhatti on The Divorcee Party: The director was vocal regarding his upcoming movie, learning from his father and his future plans for a feature movie.

In which will be director Jasraj Bhatti’s third movie for PTC Box-office, it will also mark the introduction of a new genre on both the platform and the director’s line of work. Despite comedy being a major source of income in the Punjabi film industry, it is relieving to know that the genre is yet to cast a spell on people working in this medium.

In an interview with Punjabi Mania, Bhatti was vocal regarding his upcoming movie named ‘The Divorcee Party’, learning from his father and his future plans for a feature movie. “I have directed a couple of movies with PTC in the past. Both were serious movies. The Divorcee Party is my first comedy movie. At PTC box-office, we mostly have serious movies. I always had this thought at the back of my mind. The basic concept belongs to my father. I’ve developed it,” Bhatti was quoted.

Jasraj Bhatti on The Divorcee Party

On being asked about the reason behind the unique title of the movie, Bhatti said that it is something which goes well with the contemporary youth. “There is no hiding to the fact that there is a craze of party among the contemporary youth. Moreover, there have also been a significant increase in the number of divorces happening around,” Bhatti said.

“This is a story of two individuals who are so fed up of each other that they are throwing a party on getting separated. The characters and the situations in the movie are atypical. I always try to pick such topics which no one else is working upon. Talking of the actors in the movie, all of them are mostly fresh faces [students of Mad Arts, Jaspal Bhatti Film School].

“Casting a couple of renowned faces was never my plan because a thought has more priority than an actor. If you keep on repeating the same actors, your films will end up looking like the same. All the jokes in the movie are in sync with the topic. You won’t find my characters standing in a line and reciting punches just for the sake of it. All the humour is related to the topic, i.e., divorce,” the director further said.

Son of legendary comedian and satirist Jaspal Bhatti, Jasraj seems to be inspired a lot from his father. Upon watching the trailer of the movie, one comes across terms such as ‘misdirected by’, ‘piracy script’, ‘camera jerks’, ‘visual defects’ etc., words which remind you of the great man himself. Irrespective of the quality of movies which Jasraj, people will end up comparing it with the craft of his father.

Asked about how he plans to tackle the comparisons, Bhatti left it to the audiences for he believes that it isn’t in his hands. “As a director, my work is to direct movie. I have learnt from my father to always work on originality. It is something which I have imbibed from him. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion. I have directed the film with respect to what according to me is the best. One can’t really control people’s thoughts. So, it is something that isn’t in my hands,” he added.

Talking about his future plans with respect to a full-length feature film, Bhatti didn’t rule out the possibility of it happening in the near future. That being said, he is ready to wait that extra bit to find the ‘right’ producer.

“We do have plans of making feature films one day. Having said that, I am waiting to find a producer who will not hesitate in making something different than just merely following the trend. As a result, it is very important to find the correct producer for he/she has it in him/her to change the fortune of the movie. I don’t want to step into a zone where the producer interrupts a lot with my work,” Bhatti concluded.

The Divorcee Party will be played at 19:00 hours on this Friday (November 30) only on PTC Punjabi. The movie stars Jasraj Bhatti and Surilie Jasraj Singh in lead roles. Watch the movie and don’t forget to share your review regarding the same in our comments section. Watch the trailer below:

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