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Kaka Ji Movie Review: A healthy dose of entertainment

Kaka Ji Movie Review: Punjabi Mania presents before you the full review of recently released Punjabi movie named ‘Kaka Ji’.

Cast: Dev Kharoud, Aarushi Sharma, Jagjeet Sandhu, Seher, Dheeraj Kumar, Lucky Dhaliwal, Anita Meet, Parkash Gadhu and Gurmeet Sajan.

Director: Mandeep Benipal.

Producer: Ravneet Kaur Chahal and Rajesh Kumar.

Music: Gurmeet Singh, Laddi Gill and Ikwinder Singh.

Genre: Crime, Drama and Romance.

Running Time: 124 minutes (U/A certified).

Kaka Ji will go down as Dreamreality Movies’ fourth Punjabi movie. Having made three critically and commercially acclaimed movies in Rupinder Gandhi – The Gangster..?‘, ‘Rupinder Gandhi 2: The Robinhood‘ and Dakuaan Da Munda in as many years, this venture has introduced them into the commercial genre.

Portraying a story of the mid-1990s, the movie starts with the title song (sung by Gurnam Bhullar) followed by depicting the fear of Kaale Kacchey Wale (thieves wearing black underwears) in a village. The ever-so-popular tale of Kaale Kacchey Wale appearing at night has done the rounds in the state for over plentiful years. The sequence starts well, and it helps in building the momentum for the film to follow.

After this funny enough sequence, the characters of the movie are soon introduced to the audiences. Kulwinder Singh Brar aka Kaka Ji (Dev Kharoud) meets Deepi (Aarushi Sharma) at a wedding and falls for her instantly with Deepi also expressing her liking for Kaka Ji. Interestingly, circumstances arise which see Deepi getting engaged to Laali (Lucky Dhaliwal). In which comes as a much-needed twist in the movie, it has it in it to intrigue the audiences about what lies ahead.

The writing department has been handled by Gill Raunta and Gurpreet Bhullar. The story is predictable as it happens to be a romantic comedy and our Indian Audiences are intelligent enough to predict what comes ahead. However, it is the screenplay which holds the viewers attention.

Fans of Dev Kharoud can watch Kaka Ji to know as to how Deepi gets engaged to Laali and whether the two love birds in her and Kaka Ji will eventually meet or not.

The twists in the screenplay add to the curiosity of the viewers and that is something which goes in favour of the film. Dialogues by Gurpreet Bhullar and Gill Raunta are also worth a praise. Some of them are really catchy and attract giggles and whistles.

Talking about the actors in the movie, just like the production house, it was also the first time that Kharoud was seen playing a role in a lighter, happier and romantic space. Given his prowess as an actor, Kharoud tries his best to do justice with debutant script writer (earlier lyricist) Gill Raunta’s script.

Jagjeet Sandhu, who plays the role of Kaka Ji’s friend Rakaat, was once again successful in bursting the audiences into laughter. A struggling artist, Rakaat fails to rise up professionally in the movie but stands tall besides Kaka Ji in daunting situations. The duo of Dheeraj Kumar (Kaka Ji’s friend Randhir) and Dhaliwal were adept in their own personal ways. Given the importance of Dhaliwal’s character, one feels that his role should have been more than it eventually turned out to be.

In Aarushi Sharma and Seher (Bholi), the movie saw a couple of actresses making their debut in the Punjabi film industry. Sharma, who played the lead pair, gave the impression of being confident for a debutant actresses. Here is looking forward to more such performances from Aarushi in the future. Although Seher had a very limited role to play, she also seemed to have made an impact in the film.

The best part about the movie was its music. Had it not been a movie, it would have unequivocally been a successful music album. From Gurnam Bhullar’s ‘Kaka Ji’ to Rajvir Jawanda and Gurlez Akhtar’s ‘America Vs Korea’ to Himmat Sandhu’s ‘Dhokha’ to Harman Gill’s ‘Coat Pant’, the songs are the lifeline of the movie. Perhaps, the makers had realized that the quality of music plays a vital role in a commercial movie and is something which has come out really well.

Overall, Kaka Ji – Son Of Royal Sardar is a Full-On Family Entertainer and should be seen by families and friends together.

Ratings – 3.5/5

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