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‘Kangana’ review: A congenial start to 2018

The name, in itself, manifests masses. There are times when trends are built over a name. But there are very few names around which a legacy is built. In terms of the music industry in not just Punjab, but, India, ‘Wadali’ is one such name.

And it is not that the current generation in Lakhwinder Wadali is counting on what his predecessors in Wadali Brothers or his grandfather Thakur Dass Wadali did. (Lakhwinder) Wadali has been a proficient performer, both on screen and on stage, in the art of music.

In the newfangled Punjabi music industry, Wadali is still that musical warhorse who shares strong roots with sufism and qawwalis. In order to fine-tune with the contemporary singers, he also sings those soi-disant commercial songs, but, none of them lack politesse or in other words, none of them is deplorable to anyone.

Having delivered successful projects like ‘Yaad Teri’, ‘Tera Ki Lagda’ and ‘Sajda’ in the previous year, Wadali has come out with ‘Kangana’ to get going in this year on a high note. The song has released today on the official YouTube channel of Wadali Music, the family’s own venture. Sunder Makhana has penned down the lyrics of the song which is musically directed by Aar Bee. The music video has been directed by Director Jot.

It was evident from the teaser that the song would be a romantic ballad revolving around a couple which is yet to get married. The song also throws light on the girl’s never-ending wait to get married. The music video is an epitome of the fact that delightful songs do not require overemphasis on some disturbing elements. Something which has it in it to have a negative effect on the listeners.

Fans of Wadali’s style of singing might be less in numerals as compared to other artists, but this niche crowd is mostly of a fervent nature.

Watch the video of the song below and tell us in the comments section about what you think regarding the same:

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