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Kanwar Grewal’s Zameer sets new level for Punjabi Culture

Kanwar Grewal, just like any ordinary boy of his age went for his masters at Punjabi University, Patiala but he couldn’t stay away from his love for music for long. Singing since his childhood and coming to the new places did give him a golden opportunity to enhance his skills. After his college, he worked as a freelancer for two years before joining the ashram. Ashram changed him to the person he is today.

With his previous music history and the latest released song, “Zameer” he presents the picture of the deplorable condition of Punjabi language and culture, the bend of music towards the Western culture. Everyone is so much in for writing ill about Punjab and the youth of the state.

He says that the young generation is capable of a lot more things but they’re wasting their time and the opportunities that knock on their doors. According to him, Government should be banning the uncultured videos and songs as well but they turn a blind eye for the same.

Talking further about his ideology he focuses on simplicity. With all the fame coming his way, he still is a humble person. He thinks that what he sings should be genuine and liked by all so he sings his songs first for his mother and sister.

If we talk about the latest gadgets, he’s totally off them. He thinks that the people can get the fake likes and views for their works but they know at the end of the day that it’s useless. He believes in working honestly.

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