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‘Koke’ – An assortment in Sunanda’s treasure

A noteworthy name amongst the current generation of singers in the Punjabi music industry, Sunanda Sharma, has come up with her latest song, her fifth one, ‘Koke’. The single track has released two months after her previous tour fe force project, ‘Jaani Tera Naa’. At the time of writing this article, Koke has received in addition of 1.7 million views and is trending at #8 on YouTube.

Like all her earlier projects, this music video has also been produced by an eminent name in the Punjabi music industry, Pinky Dhaliwal, and released under the banner of Amar Audio. The video is directed by Rimpy Prince. The lyrics of the song have been written by Sangdil 47 and the music has been composed by GagStudioz, the same duo which worked with Sunanda in her most affluent project so far, ‘Patake’.

Up to this point, Koke might not have received the admiration like Sunanda’s preceding projects, but, it has what it takes to be a chart-buster song. Another thing which might have affected Koke is the audience’s expectations, which are bound to be of great vertical extent, (again) especially after the songs she has released and the success she has received. Having said that, the foremost learning from Koke is the fact which puts light on Sunanda’s state of being diverse as a singer. From a typical Bhangra-number like Patake to a subtle romantic ‘Jatt Yamla’ to an urban and peppy ‘Jaani Tera Naa‘ to a more traditional Koke, she has tried the varying colours of singing with plenitude of success in each one of them.

Apart from her adroitness as a singer, what works the most for her in music videos is her personality which has it in it to take into custody the intentness of the viewers. Her delightful and ingenuous mien acts as the frosting on the cake for her in her songs.

Her gratifying voice, her finesse with the steps of Bhangra, her as pretty as a picture looks and most important of them all, the moment when she swivels her eyebrows at a rhythmic pace (at 01:47 in Koke), is what defines Sunanda Sharma to a fare-thee-well. The amount of prosperity which she has received in her limited career so far is is a class of its own. Her fans would now be waiting for her debut movie, ‘Sajjan Singh Rangroot’, which is all set to release next year.

If you haven’t watched Koke till now, watch the full video here:

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