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Kudos to Omjee Group for believing in ‘Harjeeta’

The Punjabi film industry was conferred with an invaluable laurel in Vijay Kumar Arora’s ‘Harjeeta’ on this Friday. In our review of the movie, it was stated as to why calling this outright coup a feather in just the actor(s) or director’s cap would be unfair on our part for the movie is a feather in the cap of the whole Punjabi industry.

Almost everyone who should have been credited for making Harjeeta the movie that it was was credited in the review. Having said that, one topmost unit of film-making which was not praised was the producers.

Harjeeta was produced by Munish Sahni (Omjee Group), Nick Bahl, Bhushan K. Chopra and Bhagwant Virk. It is co-produced by Rupinder Brar and Sarabjit Brar. Talking about Omjee Group, it is a prominent name in the field of distributing movies in the nation, who always come up with groundbreaking techniques to make sure that films are distributed in an apt manner.

Their role in the Punjabi industry is all the more important because regional movies need a better distributor so that they are played across the nation. With Harjeeta, their alliance with Punjabi Cinema will increase to the next level as Omjee Group is one of the producers of the movie. Full credit to them and all producers for believing in a project which can take the Punjabi film industry to a level apart.

 Harjeeta had more reasons to fall apart than to become this piece of brilliance. Thinking from the producers’ perspective, even they could have given valid reasons for not putting their money into such a movie. Citing all those factors in mind, the producers joined hands to invest in this project which speaks highly about their instinct and their vision of improving the standards of the Punjabi film industry.

Omjee Group per se could have easily carried out its regular work of distributing the movie, earning their bread-and-butter through it. Having produced the film, what they have done the best is set an example for others in the business to follow. Irrespective of the business that Harjeeta will do on the box-office, it has unequivocally laid down some standards which the others will have to follow in all aspects in the future.

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