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'Laatu' Trailer Review

‘Laatu’ Trailer Review: Looking high and low for electricity

‘Laatu’ Trailer Review: Punjabi Mania presents before you full trailer review of upcoming Punjabi movie named ‘Laatu’.

To present a varying concept in front of the audiences during the last leg of 2018, an upcoming movie in ‘Laatu’ is getting ready for its release on November 16. The movie will mark the directorial debut of Manav Shah, who has hitherto worked as an assistant or associate director in various renowned Punjabi movies.

Aditi Sharma, who has played as many as three praiseworthy cameo appearances in the Punjabi film industry this year, is playing the lead role in the movie. Apart from marking the debut of the director, the movie will also mark the acting debut of Punjabi singer Gagan Kokri, who will be playing the lead role opposite Sharma.

The ensemble cast of the movie includes tried and tested names such as Karamjit Anmol, Anita Devgan, Sardar Sohi, Ashish Duggal, Hardip Gill, Harby Sangha, Rahul Jungral, Nisha Bano, Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Parkash Gadhu and Malkit Rauni.

In a trailer which might appear to some a build-up of just another periodic movie, Laatu has more to it than just being a movie which portrays times of the past. The movie is based on a love story of the times when the concept of electricity was a luxury, strictly unlike today. Of the little that we’ve seen so far, Sharma and Kokri’s chemistry is likely to be appreciated among the audiences.

The plot looks interesting but the makers might just have missed a chance by revealing too much about the movie in the 188-second trailer. For someone who has watched the trailer, guessing what the movie is all about should become a simpler task from hereon. That being said, the modus operandi in which Shah (also the writer of the movie) has depicted his story holds the key from this point in time.

Again, of the little that we’ve heard in the trailer, there is a general feeling of the songs of the movie being of a rich quality. If it holds out to be true, it is a facet of film-making which has it in it to bang the drum about the movie in a desired manner.

If you haven’t watched the trailer of the movie as of now, watch it below and tell us what you think regarding the same in our comments section:

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