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Laiye Je Yaarian Movie Review: Twofold sketch of fondness

Laiye Je Yaarian Movie Review: Twofold sketch of fondness

Laiye Je Yaarian Movie Review: Punjabi Mania present before you full movie review of recently released Punjabi movie titled ‘Laiye Je Yaarian’.

Cast: Harish Verma, Roopi Gill, Rubina Bajwa, Kamaljeet Neeru, Parkash Gadhu and Amrinder Gill.

Director: Sukh Sanghera.

Producer: Papilio Media and Rhythm Boyz Distribution.

Music: Dr Zeus, Intense, Snappy, Mixsingh and Jatinder Shah.

Genre: Drama, Romantic.

Running Time: 117 minutes (U/A certified).

Laiye Je Yaarian Movie Review

Laiye Je Yaarian was announced by Amrinder Gill on his Birthday less than a month ago. “Jiddan tuc Kale, Geje, Pargat, Kikkar, Soobeh, Bhole te Pamme nu pyaar ditta umeed aa k aun wale new character Garry Randhawa nu vi ohna hi pyaar daoge. Meet Garry Randhawa in theaters on 7th June, 2019,” read the caption of Gill’s Facebook post.

Having watched the movie now, one realizes the reason behind Gill having high hopes from his new character. Despite being a role of restricted length, the actor has unequivocally delivered a standout performance. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Garry Randhawa was the highlight of the movie. Samjhda meri gal?

It is worth mentioning that Amrinder Gill isn’t the only “Gill” who drew attention in the movie at will. Into her third movie, actress Roopi Gill has delivered a superlative performance often covering the flaws made by the writing team. Unwavering across emotions throughout the movie, Roopi has made a robust claim for herself with respect to receiving meatier roles in the future.

Laiye Je Yaarian starts with part-time RJ and full-time owner of Raunak Transport, Raunak (Roopi Gill), giving away the nub of the movie. The 117-minute long movie is a praiseworthy exposition of the same.

At the helm of her late father’s grappling transport company, Raunak hires Sukhdeep Singh (Harish Verma) as a manager in an attempt to save the company from bankruptcy. The move works well for the company but ends up entangling not just hers but both Sukhdeep and their banker Janpreet Kaur’s (Rubina Bajwa) life.

After Amrinder Gill’s Mathi Mathi‘ and Maninder Buttar’s Dil Main Nahi Laona‘, there was no hiding to the fact that Laiye Je Yaarian was expected to travel on romantic paths. While it does, the never-ending confusion regarding who is falling for whom holds the key.

Direction and writing

Laiye Je Yaarian has been directed by debutant director Sukh Sanghera. His transformation from music videos to feature films is impressive. Sanghera has registered a rare case of making a watchable Punjabi movie without some tried and tested names in the supporting cast.

Usually jolly and hilarious in his vlogs and stories on Snapchat and Instagram, Sanghera instilling a lot of effortless and organic humour in the movie wasn’t a surprise. What also works for him are the good-humoured dialogues written by Dheeraj Rattan and Amberdeep Singh.


As mentioned above, the Gills have made a significant contribution on the silver screen. Playing a jovial but misunderstood character in the movie, Harish Verma’s dedicated efforts appear in front of you. More depth in Rubina Bajwa’s character could have worked in her favour but she deserves the applauds for all that she did.

Laiye Je Yaarian also saw veteran singer Kamaljit Neeru play the role of Raunak’s mother. Given her performance, don’t be surprised to see her in movies in the coming times. Playing the role of Harish Verma’s friend Binder, Amberdeep Singh steals a couple of scenes in the movie.


While music credits shouldn’t be given to the director, it was creditable of Sanghera to manage the timing and length of the songs in the movie.

While there isn’t a single song not worth listening to in Laiye Je Yaarian, the best ones are Mathi Mathi (sung by Amrinder Gill, written by Bir Singh and musically directed by Dr Zeus), Meri Aakad‘ (sung by Garry Sandhu, written by Happy Parsowal and musically directed by Intense) and Darshan Mehange (sung by Amrinder Gill and Sajjan Adeeb, written by Harmanjeet and musically directed by Intense).

Final verdict

If a right product is made by (and with) the right people in the right manner, it will end up working in an affirmative manner is what one learns from Laiye Je Yaarian. The makers might not have made much noise before the movie but the movie will definitely do it during its run-time.

Watch Laiye Je Yaarian to become an eyewitness of what unusual is in store for you. The love story is not just another love story but a twofold sketch of fondness that will leave you with a lesson or two in addition to dissolving you into laughter. Samjhda meri gal?

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