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LIVE REVIEW: Ambarsariya, Punjabi Movie | Diljit Dosanjh

LIVE Review of Punjabi Film Ambarsariya starring Diljit Dosanjh, directed by Mandeep Kumar.

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1:40 PM
Welcome to the Live Review of Ambarsariya. It is the first film of Diljit Dosanjh in 2016. Please take the time to read our preview of this movie here: Movie Preview: Ambarsariya
01:44 PM
We are watching this film in a multiplex in Gurgaon. So the enthusiasm in audience might be a little less to what we generally expect in Punjab.
01:46 PM
Starting with the head count: It is a 204 seat audi with 112 seats occupied. Considering Gurgaon isn’t a great territory for Punjabi Films, the occupancy of more than 50 percent at the start is a great sign.
01:48 PM
We start with Diljit Dosanjh. He is at his very best. Superb comic timing.
01:49 PM
Navneet Kaur Dhillon enters the scene as Diljit’s boss. Diljit plays an insurance agent.
01:50 PM
Head Count: In the meantime we have seen more people coming in for the movie. The occupancy level is close to 80%. Surprisingly high for a city like Gurgaon.
01:51 PM
The beautiful streets of Patiala. For our readers: The film is shot in Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Amritsar and Patiala.
01:54 PM
Navneet is a superb actress by the looks of her acting skills. She was wasted in Loveshhuda.
01:55 PM
Kamlesh Gill who played Dadi in Vicky Donor plays Diljit’s landlord in the film. She is a fantastic actress and we don’t get to see much of here these days.
01:57 PM
Monica Gill enters. She makes her debut with this film and already we hear that she is gonna be the next big thing in Punjabi Cinema. Read more about her.
01:58 PM
She dances to the tune of Jhanjran from Jihne Mera Dil Luteya, previous successful outing of Tips, Diljit Dosanjh and Mandeep Kumar.
02:00 PM
And we quote Diljit “Saade Layi taan Gill vi Sharma varge hi hoye jihna de vyah ch chicken nahi chal reha.” Karamjit Anmol at his witty best.
02:00 PM
Karamjit Anmol at his witty best.
02:04 PM
Okay there is some suspense here in the first 30 minutes of the film. Diljit is an undercover RAW agent. Gul Panag is Diljit’s real boss. She plays the role of Mrs. Sandhu. The girls in the RAW HQ keep on calling call him cute.
02:07 PM
Diljit plays the role of an insurance agent which is a coverup. And Navneet is his boss at insurance company.
02:09 PM
Shivender Mahal plays the role of Home Minister of Punjab. There is a conspiracy to kill him on Vaisakhi by someone called Manpreet.
02:17 PM
The film is really funny till now. Diljit needed this after the debacle of Mukhtiar Chadha and the meaningless Blockbuster Sardaarji.
02:20 PM
Rana Jung Bahadur plays Monica’s father in the film.
02:24 PM
Gurpreet Ghuggi is Manpreet No. 1. Diljit and Ghuggi haven’t worked together in a Punjabi Film after Lion of Punjab. (Diljit’s debut)
02:29 PM
Rana Ranbir is Manpreet No. 2. Diljit and Rana have a great chemistry together. Remember Shampy and Fateh Singh from Jatt and Juliet???
02:37 PM
Binnu Dhillon is here and he’s welcomed with hooting and clapping in Gurgaon as well. Such is his fan following.
02:38 PM
Binnu plays the role of SHO Hakam Singh and is in a guest appearance in the movie.
02:39 PM
It’s Bhangra Time. Ju Think by Diljit Dosanjh it is. A song exactly after an hour into the film. Lyrics and Video: Ju Think, Diljit Dosanjh
02:40 PM
This song is shot in Kitty Su Club in Lalit Hotel, Chandigarh and this club is a hit favourite these days among the club going crowd.
02:43 PM
Lauren Gottlieb is Manpreet No. 3. She makes her debut in Punjabi Cinema. For our readers: Lauren has dubbed her lines herself in the film. Do You know: Lauren lost her phone during the trailer launch of Ambarsariya? Read more about it here
02:45 PM
Lauren plays a Canadian Punjabi who is in Punjab to make a documentary on Punjabi culture.
02:48 PM
Okay so now we have our all 3 suspects and now it’s time for INTERVAL.
02:49 PM
Huge crowd considerting its Gurgaon but you know what these guys don’t know how to make noise in a movie. It seems like I am the only one making noises on punches and it’s embarrassing sometimes.
02:55 PM
Till the interval the film looks fine but obviously if I compare to Diljit’s previous work, it’s just a pale shadow of his previous work till now. Nothing new for Diljit to offer as an actor. A lot was expected of Mandeep Kumar when he announced 2 back to back films but the first one is no where near to where Jihne Mera Dil Luteya was.
02:55 PM
Even the people around me are talking ‘Itni kuch khaas nahi hai’ People here are like Carry On Jatta achi thi. They still live in a world where there are only 2 punjabi films existing: Jatt and Juliet and Carry on Jatta. Grow up guys we’ve made many more films after that.
03:00 PM
Film has started after the interval.
03:01 PM
So far we’ve seen all of Diljit with 2 scenes each of Monica, Lauren and Gul and just 3 of Navneet. Monica plays Kirat in the film.
03:05 PM
Pagg Wala Munda time now. Written by Happy Raikoti and sung by Diljit himself. Composed by Jatinder Shah. Lyrics and Video: Pagg Wala Munda
03:11 PM
The kid who plays Monica’s brother in the film is BRILLIANT.
03:16 PM
Why does every girl in the film is calling Diljit ‘So Cute’?
03:24 PM
Film is looking gripping in the second half? it’s not just a comedy film and remember Diljit is on a mission to save the Home Minister.
03:40 PM
So its another suspense time here. Let’s see what happens. All set for a fitting climax in the last 20 minutes to come.
03:40 PM
Point worth noting: Just 2 songs in the film. Considering it is produced by a music company and has a singer turned actor in the lead. Just 2 songs!
03:47 PM
It’s a perfect moment for a sad song but the director is doing with heavy background score. Beacuase it’s a spy film.
04:04 PM
The film is now over. Let me summarise it for you. The film has a different storyline from some of the earlier films in the past. But the problem is that the story looks good on paper. But sometimes due to certain circumstances what on paper looks great can’t be executed well on screen.
04:05 PM
This is the case with Ambarsariya. Diljit delivers a powerpacked performance as always. but his role is just a pale shadow of his earlier work that he’s done in Jatt and Juliet, Disco Singh or Punjab 1984. His traits are borrowed from the characaters in those films.
04:05 PM
Navneet Dhillon and Monica Gill are the find of this film. Both can act. Yes, that’s a good news. But their roles are pretty small in this film. We’ll have to see them in bigger roles to judge a future for them.
04:06 PM
Supporting cast has a very small role. Pretty much it is Diljit all over in the film, rest of the characters revolve around him.

—LIVE REVIEW ENDS 01:40PM-04:06 PM 25/03/2016—

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