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LIVE REVIEW: Canada Di Flight, Punjabi Movie

Live Review of Punjabi Film Canada di Flight, starring Yuvraj Hans and Navraj Hans.

8:35 PM
Hello and welcome to the live review of Punjabi Film, Canada di Flight.
8:36 PM
We are covering the film in a late evening show from a multiplex in Chandigarh.
8:38 PM
Frankly I am not expecting anything from this one and that’s why I have my battery on 100%. So that I can pass my time via Candy Crush or the new one, World Championship. Any good suggestions for a game? Send them to me @punjabi_mania
8:40 PM
The film is produced by Maxwell Entertainment. I tfeel the producer is a fan of Glenn Maxwell who provides wholesome entertainment when batting.
8:41 PM
Some helicam shots to begin with
8:43 PM
Let’s quickly introduce to you the characters in the film. Laddu urf Fattu is Tarun Mehta, Fukra urf Harry is Navraj and Jigar is Yuvraj.
8:44 PM
Guess what. Yuvraj and Navraj aren’t playing brothers in this film. Some random guy can also say that they look like brothers and then why why aren’t they playing ones here.
8:45 PM
The film starts with the song Full Nazare.
8:46 PM
The film is directed by Roopesh Rai Sikand.
8:48 PM
The actor who played the role of jewellery show owner in Ambarsariya is Navraj’s father here.
8:50 PM
Occupancy: Well we are just 11 odd people in an audi of 220. Mere 5%. We did try to see the movie last night. But the cinema refused to play sighting no audience for the movie.
8:53 PM
The actors are wearing colourful kurta pyjamas in every scene. Look styling on them.
8:57 PM
Tu Dhee Di gall Krda hain, Tenu Kise Ne Dalda Ghee Ni Dena, some funny punches coming our way.
8:58 PM
Some guy called Minta has returned from Canada who was a loser in his Childhood. Our heroes used to rag him. Now the tables have turned opposite and our heroes are being ragged by him.
9:00 PM
Asi Nachange by Labh Janjua Now. In the beginning of the film, there was a special tribute slide in the remembrance of now deceased singer.
9:05 PM
Yuvraj last did Munde Kamaal De and Navraj’s last was Punjabiayan Da King.
9:06 PM
The film marks debut for Tarun Mehta, he has done TV before and now makes it to the big screen.
9:13 PM
The heores have arranged their shares of money to give to the agent and guess what they have their flight tomorrow. Such fast service for Canada?
9:13 PM
Time for the title track
9:16 PM
Seems like the agent has tricked the guys and given them tickets to Thailand instead of Canada. Well that’s what you get in a day’s time!
9:18 PM
And now the story moves to Thailand
9:19 PM
Both the actresses make the entry together in BIKNIS.
9:20 PM
One of them is Shobhit Rana who debuted in Ishq Brandy the other is Anushka Ramesh. They play the characters of Roop and Gurnoor.
9:22 PM
Shakku Rana who has played small roles in films ealier is playing the baddie in this one.
9:23 PM
Nirmal Rishi plays the mother of Shakku Rana. Shakku plays the character of Kabir Gill. He is the brother of both the girls and the richest guy in all of Bangkok.
9:29 PM
So now the troubles begin for the actors. Agent has bluffed them, they are in Thailand with no money and no roof for shelter. What to do?
9:35 PM
Now the 3 guys are working in a garage in Bangkok.
9:45 PM
Okay it’s interval time in the film and there’s a suspenseful intermission and we don’t know what happened.
9:45 PM
May be they’ve left it suspenseful because they don’t want to lose the audience midway. That’s my bet. Because when the film will start again it won’t be anything as big as they’ve shown.
9:53 PM
And the film resumes after interval. as I told you, it’s not a big suspense at all. It was just put in to prevent people leaving midway
10:01 PM
The amount of money the producers have spent on Rana Ranbir’s entry may be the sole recovery for the film or even that can’t be recovered.
10:02 PM
He enters on a private plane surrounded by at least 20 body builders as his henchmen. And then there’s a red sports car for the don and 6 cars behind him. By the way Rana Ranbir plays the character of Babbu Don.
10:05 PM
Looks like most of the scenes are shot at in just one street of Bangkok.
10:06 PM
I see 3 people leaving the film midway, which leaves 8 of us in the audi.
10:13 PM
Manoj Sabharwal who is the dialogue writer in the film also has a cameo.

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